Hello anyone!

Hello!  I’ve been wanting to start blogging for some time now, and here I am.  My knitting is increasingly important to me these days.  I’ve been knitting for almost 50 years now, but over the past five years, two things have made knitting new for me.

First, my daughter Meg has become a superb yarn dyer.  (She sells her yarn at http://www.twistedfiberart.com .)  Her beautiful yarns are a constant inspiration to me, and I do my best to choose or design projects that will truly show off her yarns.  She specializes in self-striping yarns such as this one:

Franklin's Firefly socks

As well as what she calls Evolutions, a single run through a colorway.  (An example of a project in an evolution appears at the end of this post.)

Secondly, Ravelry happened.  I joined about 2 1/2 years ago, and it has become a constant inspiration to me.  I try to post my projects as soon as I start them (though I don’t always succeed), but the format is not ideal for keeping track of daily activities or thoughts.

Currently, I am actively engaged in knitting three projects, with one tentative start and a few older projects that will hopefully resurface.  Meg is currently working on a three-month yarn club.  There are two colorways each month based around a “Creatures of Comfort” and a “Spirit of Adventure” theme.  In addition, there was a choice of sock yarns or luxury yarns.  I’ve been getting the Creatures of Comfort luxury yarns for myself and both sock yarns to knit socks, mostly for Meg.  The first month’s shipment has been all received and some beautiful projects have begun to show on Ravelry.  I have completed my first project, out of the luxury yarn.  Here is a shot of it:

Cowl in Cherish

I’m also knitting socks for Meg in this colorway (Cherish) in a sport-weight yarn (Duchess).  Pictures to follow later this weekend (though they won’t be done by then, one might be).  I’m also working on a “tube” in one of the colorways for the third month of the sock club.  And I’ve begun a first shot at using the luxury yarn for the second month.  No pictures of those yet!


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