Exercise? Really?

One topic that I find myself thinking about fairly frequently these days is – of all things – exercise.   My husband Franklin and our son-in-law Jeff began exercising together over a year and a half ago when the first gym opened in our Michigan town.  The two of them have made fantastic progress – Jeff has lost over 100 pounds and Franklin has lost over 50.  Even more importantly, Franklin has gone from seeming somewhat-scarily fragile to the tower of strength he has always been in the past.  This has been a major inspiration, as you might expect.

So 8 months ago, I started going to the gym about three times a week.  I don’t like it, but I’m doing it.  My chief motivation is that I don’t want to be the only one in my family to give up whenever we go anywhere.  I guess that is happening.  I have gotten a bit stronger and my endurance has increased.  But I’m not getting much better at this point.  I think perhaps I need to get a trainer to advise me on a good program to follow.  This all strikes me as totally surreal in some ways.  I was quite sure that I would never do any regular exercising.  Yet here I am!  I hope I can continue.

The worst problem with exercising is that my mind is insufficiently exercised while my body is getting it’s turn.  I don’t really like television very much, so I don’t pay much mind to the TVs in the gym.  I hoped I would be able to read my Kindle from the treadmill, but it hasn’t worked out.  So mostly my mind just concentrates on the exercise itself – really inspiring thoughts along the line of “Just half a minute and I will be 30% finished!”  I really would like to have something else to think about.  Just recently, I’ve been thinking about knitting on the treadmill.  What should I work on when I get home?  Can I make this interesting feature work, and if so, how?  I haven’t had consistent success with this yet, but a couple of times I have actually managed to have a few minutes pass without my noticing every single second of it.  Hopefully I can improve this skill!

Not much news on the knitting front …  Hopefully soon!

So there will be at least one photo in this post, here is a picture of the latest “tube” I’ve knit for Meg which is of an already-public colorway.  It’s the colorway called Totally which will be listed for sale soon.

Swatch of upcoming Twisted Fiber Art colorway Totally


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2 Responses to Exercise? Really?

  1. Heather says:

    I used to have the same problem with the whole working out thing. My friend told me that what worked for her were books that she could listen to on her ipod but what works for me are group classes. I’m in love with kickboxing right now, the woman who teaches it keeps a steady patter of talking and I like the idea of learning a new skill. You could always try a class. Congratulations on even going though.

    • Thanks for the ideas! I just got back from my Sunday-morning exercise session and I am feeling, as usual, tired but virtuous. I will definitely have to think about getting an iPod – I love audiobooks. Classes have not worked too well for me in the past. My daughter prefers that format though – her whole family is heavily into TaeKwonDo.

      I so much appreciate the comment – my first!

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