Knitted Pirates, Princesses …

My husband gave me knitting books for Christmas. Way too many knitting books, bless him! I listed many on my Amazon wish list so he’d have some to pick from. I should know better by now – I think he may have left out one. At any rate, one of the books I had on my wish list had not been released, but he ordered it anyway and gave it to me as a late Christmas present. If you have any interest in knitted toys, especially dolls or doll clothes, you should check out Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies by Annette Hefford.

Ms. Hefford gives you a basic knit doll pattern. In DK yarn, the dolls are about 18 inches tall. Then she proceeds to give you instructions for knitting some of the most delightful character dolls I have ever seen. The details, particularly of the costumes, are delightful!

For example, the first doll she describes is Elizabeth Witch. Elizabeth is your traditional “bad witch”. She comes complete with hooked nose and wart. Then comes her outfit and accessories, which consist of:

  • A long-sleeved blouse with a pointed collar.
  • A long A-line top skirt.
  • A witch’s peaked hat.
  • An undertop (camisole).
  • Long underpants complete with pockets.
  • An underskirt (petticoat).
  • A pair of shoes, complete with strap and buckle.
  • Fingerless mittens.
  • A wand.
  • A broomstick.
  • A satchel with long strap and button closing.
  • A shawl.
  • A pair of pointed, striped slippers for relaxing in.
  • The entire outfit is knit in black, as befits a bad witch. In order to let you see the details of the pieces, most are shown knit in lighter colors, where pattern stitches and shaping details are much clearer. And every one of the items is just charming!

    I really want to make one (or some! or all!!) of the dolls in this book. They are so much fun! But I just don’t have time. I might slightly adapt some of the clothes to fit one of the dolls that I already have, which are mostly ball-jointed dolls (BJDs). One of the things I enjoy the most is knitting dolls whole outfits with lots of different accessories, so you can see why this book appeals to me so much. Here is a picture of the outfit I knit for the most recent doll I acquired.

    Belinda's First Outfit

    The doll these were made for is much smaller than the dolls in Ms. Hefford’s book, so the scale is not as good, but I still love having many interchangeable parts. Here is a sample of some of the pieces of that outfit modeled:

    Belinda with Floral Belt

    I do have one BJD who is similar in size to the dolls in this book. She is a bit over 16 inches tall. I bet she’d enjoy a witch’s outfit – or maybe she’d prefer to be a princess? Heck, Anya could carry off being a pirate, I bet … Here she is in the outfit she came in – see why I thought of pirates?

    Anya the Tough Kid ADAD 27/365


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    A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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    3 Responses to Knitted Pirates, Princesses …

    1. Jinann says:

      Wow! Love all those “little outfits”. I have that book on my wish list as well…..and lost track of time. Glad to know it’s now available. (Scurries off to place order…….)

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