One Sock and onward

Just to update you, I did succeed in completing the first of the Cherish socks yesterday. I love it!

Cherished Duchess 2

I made sure, once I was done, to cast on for the second one. No idea why, but that’s the magic touch for me. I have several single socks sitting around that I’m sure I’ll never finish. They date back to the period before I figured out that – for me – to cast on the second sock right away is key. Practically speaking, I’m likely to lose track of my needles if I don’t seize them immediately, but that isn’t it. Just the way my mind works. For those with second-sock-syndrome – just try things! I never would have thought something this simple would work, but it does.


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2 Responses to One Sock and onward

  1. Sarah says:

    Nice stitchery. I love the rainbow of colors. You go girl. Get on with the second sock. It’s probably for the same reason why I do two-at-a-time 😀

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