Plain or Fancy?

When posting about Knitted Socks East and West, I was reminded of the technique of crossing stitches while slipping the stitch on top rather than knitting it. I decided to try that technique on the next of the Cherish socks. So I’ve begun that way, and I don’t know whether I like it or not. This technique does seem to be a bit tighter than the regular way, which isn’t surprising. Sometimes I think it also looks crisper — cleaner. But I’m not sure. Particularly when it’s stretched, as it will be when worn.

It’s also hard to capture the difference in a photo (and I’m not a very good photographer, to boot.) But here are the two versions, modeled for us by a handy water bottle.

Standard on top, slipped technique on bottom

That’s the best I can do with a photo – I think it does give the idea pretty well. Meg may decide she has a strong preference one way or another, but then again she may not. If I have to decide – well, I really don’t know.

Does anyone have an opinion?


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