Decision Time

Well, I’m finishing up a few samples (for next month’s club colorways). I’m pausing with the Cherish sock until Meg can decide which style she prefers. So I need to decide what to make next.

It’s not as though I have nothing in progress other than the Cherish sock. Here are the yarns and WIPs that I can show.

What To Do

The thrummed mitts for Franklin (lower left) are close to done, but I didn’t leave quite enough space between the last row of thrumming and the ribbing – I’m going to have a little trouble picking up the row for the “flip-top” on the second mitten. And the first mitten is at least a couple of inches shorter than the second (on purpose). I plan to extend the first mitten by cutting it above the ribbing, knitting upward and Kitchenering. Though I’m terrible at Kitchenering. And this is self-striping yarn, so there might be a weird effect.

Then there’s the Cherish Sock number 2. I will get back to that as soon as I decide whether to keep going on the second style or take it out and go back to the first style.

Then there’s knee sock number 1. These are going to be knee (or above knee) socks knit in Evolutions. I love the way the first sock looks, but it needs to have the heel re-knit on smaller needles. And Meg doesn’t consider these very high priority, and they are for her.

The big colorful yarn in the upper right is destined for thrummed legwarmers. You have to be in the mood to thrum, you know?

The little balls are three samples needing to be knit up. These are in colors that are being “rebooted” as Meg says. Her old dye suddenly was discontinued and she has had to reformulate all her colors. These are old favorites.

The purple and grey are an empire top in Warlock. This was going to be for Meg but she decided the colors just wouldn’t work for her. So now it’s for me. So it doesn’t seem so urgent.

The skein in the center is Frenzy, one of last month’s club yarns, in Shiny. The yarn is tencel and wool and really better suited for summer, so this one probably won’t be started yet.

I also have two more samples for next month’s club to knit up. Those are coming soon. And there are two skeins of sock yarn and two shawls worth of silk & merino in this month’s club colors. One of the sock samples is for me – the colors are too tame for Meg, but I love them (although I tend to like wild colors most of the time.) The silk and merino is light fingering weight and soft as can be. It looks gorgeous in these colors. But I’m not good at wearing stoles or triangular shawls. So another Faroese shawl, like the one in Blaze that I love so much? (Picture excuse!)

Blaze Shawl Worn Back 1

This shawl was made with 560 yards of a similar weight yarn – this time I have 840 yards. So maybe a half-circle? Or try a top? Goodness, I have some hard decisions to make!


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2 Responses to Decision Time

  1. susan says:

    Oh goodness, that shawl is so lovely!! I love the division of the lace sections and the graded colorway.

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