Some Patterns Make It …

And some patterns don’t. I must admit that I have no clue at all what makes a pattern popular. Thus far I have posted 15 patterns on Ravelry.

Three of them are doll clothes, so I had no expectation that they would be popular. Several people have made socks from the flat-knit doll sock pattern, so I think they were worth posting.

Doll Clothing Patterns

Three of them are fingerless mitts. More than 1 person and less than a dozen have knitted each of these designs. Not a complete failure.

Fingerless Mitts

One is a collar – not something I would expect there to be much interest in. And indeed there isn’t. It’s only been downloaded 167 times, least of all my patterns.

Floozy Collar flat

One is a scarf. It’s a very simple pattern – every row is knit exactly the same. It makes a nice graceful scarf with long tails – a very shallow triangle. I had great hopes for this pattern, but it has not proved popular.

Bandito in Lagoon with pin

I’ve only submitted one hat pattern. It has had more success than most of my patterns – 41 projects on Ravelry to date. This was a quick design, but it is very easy to knit and fast because of the big yarn. Still, this one has more projects than I’d expect. Of course, I did get Franklin to model for me 😉

Minstrel Hat Side 1

And six of my patterns are sock patterns. Two of them have never been knit at all. I don’t really know why. They’ve been downloaded as often as my pattern with 8 projects. But the only lonely project out there for each of these is mine.

Obscure Sock Patterns

Two of them have been knit a moderate amount – one has 8 projects and the other is up to 28. These are both chevron patterns that I consider really good for self-striping yarn. I guess they’re about the degree of popular that I might have expected.

Medium Sock Patterns

And then there are two patterns that have done quite well. My Show-off Stranded Socks are currently sitting at 338 projects on Ravelry. My Circle socks have 548. That one is a real puzzler. I had knit the socks some time before joining Ravelry and wrote up the pattern just to have something to post. It is a fun pattern stitch, I’ll admit. But it’s just popular because it is, I guess!

Popular Sock Patterns

Ah, well, it’s been fun. It’s a pleasure every time I see a picture of a project knit with one of my patterns!


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