Mother-Daughter Knits

One of my favorite Christmas presents last year was a copy of Mother-Daughter Knits given me by my daughter. So special, in so many ways. Meg and I are good friends – such a lovely relationship! And she is my yarn source. You can see the full range of yarns I get to choose from at her shop.

It was on behalf of Meg’s business that I attended TNNA in Columbus last year and got to attend a class given by Sally Melville, the author of this book. She discussed the book a lot – it was her latest – and showed us many of the samples. And it’s really clear that Sally and her daughter Caddy have a great relationship.

As for the book itself, it contains many patterns that I like a lot. Caddy has contributed many of the patterns, including lots of accessories and some very nice tops. Her Altered Austen Jacket is very interesting – all three of the “women” in my family (Meg, my granddaughter Hazel and I) look good in Empire waist garments, and this is a fun one. And Sally has supplied many very wearable garments, including a great cable-edged vest that looks like lots of fun to knit. And the Gray Cardigan – deeply ribbed at waist and cuff and with charming slanting cables – would be well worth knitting.

There are some excellent tips at the beginning of the book about sizing and shaping clothes, and what to wear with what. Sally always has lots to teach! And she designs clothes that you really would like to have in your closet (or dresser). She wears her knits all the time and I think I might really like to create some of these either for myself or for Meg or Hazel.

However, one of the difficulties I have with actually knitting other people’s patterns is that they mostly aren’t optimized for self-striping or graduated yarn colorways. And that’s what I knit with! So I keep trying to design things that do work with Meg’s yarns. And will undoubtedly continue doing that. But maybe I’ll throw in something from this book one of these days anyhow!

As many another blogger has said, I just can’t stand to leave a post with no photos in it, so I’m going to throw in a random knitting photo. Here is a picture of a present I made for my sister-in-law two Christmases ago:

Frog Profile 1

For some reason, I love this picture.


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