Waterlily Shawl, Perhaps

Well, I finished the Sherwood tube/swatch today, so I feel free to start something for fun. Um, actually, I started this some time ago, but I feel as though it’s OK to work on it some! I have Muse, a lovely silk/merino fingering weight yarn, in two gorgeous colorways in shawl-quantity. Not huge shawl, but not tiny shawl, either.

I have been looking for half-circle patterns because I can’t wear triangles at all well and I found a very fun free pattern called Willy Nilly Almost a Pi Recipe by Barb Brown. It’s around 3/4 of a circle, and the design is EZ’s Pi shawl, cut down slightly. So you cast on, knit 1 row, double the stitches, knit 2 rows, double the stitches, knit 4 rows, etc. Pretty soon you’re getting to some fairly substantial stretches of rows to just knit. My plan is to put lace patterns into these bands.

I’m just starting the 16 rows straight part:

Waterlily Shawl Start

So I’m going to figure out a pattern to fill in this spot and see what I think. And go on from there. Or possibly not. I frog a lot of projects in the early stages.


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2 Responses to Waterlily Shawl, Perhaps

  1. Tora Consolo says:

    Just found your blog via your sock pattern on Ravelry! LOVE. IT! I’ll be back.

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