Styles of Designing

It would seem that different people design things, including knitting patterns, very differently indeed. I saw a blog today about designing and it was filled with references to notebooks and writing things down. Books that I have read about designing seem to tend the same way.

For me, that just doesn’t happen. I design by knitting. For instance, I once decided to knit an owl for my grandson. This was probably about 8 years ago. The way I went about it was to look for a picture of an owl on the internet. Once I had one, I got some yarn that looked somewhat owl-like and decided which direction to create the creature from. Then I started to knit. As I went, I looked at the picture to see what direction the owl should grow in. When the body was done, I added wings, feet, a beak, etc. In that case, I never wrote down anything at all. And I’m pretty sure I did almost no ripping.

Here’s a photo that includes the owl as he looks today.

The Knitted Owl with some club yarn & roving - picture by Meg

When I start on a pair of socks, I look for a stitch pattern that I think would go with the yarn I have, then I often do a small swatch to see if I do like the combination. Then I take the swatch apart (I don’t know why I do that – I just don’t want to cut the yarn so I can save the swatch.) Then I knit the first sock. Occasionally, I show the great intelligence needed to write down how many stitches I use for the heel turn, etc. Usually I don’t. To knit the second sock, I look at the first one.

Now that I describe my design style, it sounds crazy! Even when I know that I want to publish a pattern, I have a hard time writing things down as I go. Sometimes I manage to write down instructions for a section once it’s well underway. I hate to write down anything until I’m sure it’s what I want. What a bizarre way of going about things! Anyone else behave in this strange way?


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One Response to Styles of Designing

  1. Sarah says:

    I am totally with you on that, Anne. And, your owl is so darn cute!!!!

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