Waterlily Pie

I think I’ve used just over half my yarn now. The shawl has grown gratifyingly. I really like it so far, though I’m still a bit nervous about whether the stitches are too big.

Here is how it looks now – though not in daylight. I wanted to get a decent picture but the light just got away from me.

Flash Picture of Waterlily Pie

The flash picture seems to just miss the blue. In real life, it’s greens, then greens and blues and just now starting on blue/purple. I wish I could show you what it really looks like. The colors change so gradually that in real life there is scarcely a line of demarcation between one section and the next.

It was my intention to work on the second Cherish sock. I need to get it done fairly soon, while there’s still some weather that will make sport-weight socks welcome. But instead, this shawl has just seduced me away. What fun!


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2 Responses to Waterlily Pie

  1. Sarah says:

    Dense or airy of lace is really a personal choice. If you are not feeling good about the way it looks now, you probably won’t like it at the end…especially if it will be blocked upon completion. The lace will get more airy than now. The color hues sound beautiful…all in my favorites. Can’t wait to see this soar off the needles.

  2. sophanne says:

    hi knitterly Anne- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- re the post modern lunchroom antics. I love this waterlily pie and now I have a new blog friend to visit.

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