Socks – FO and Next up?

So I finally got around to finishing the Cherish socks today. Here they are in all their glory!

Cherished Duchess Pair 1

I hope Meg likes them.

I try to always have at least one active pair of socks on the needles. So I think I will start a pair from one of the other club yarns. Here are the three I already have – there are two more being dyed now so I will get them pretty soon. But these are quite a variety themselves.

Club Sock Yarns

At the bottom of the photo is Frenzy, the other January colorway. Meg chose to dye hers on Shiny, her wool/tencel mix. It’s a great spring/summer yarn, and those colors look as though they would enjoy being lacy.

Next comes Waterlily dyed on Kabam, which is a wool/bamboo/nylon blend. This is another more spring/summer colorway, I think, and the yarn fits that too. This is the only one of the six yarns that is for me. Maybe it should be lace, too. Not sure. I also think this would be a good colorway to use as one of the colors in some two-color knitting because the colors are closer to the same intensity than Meg usually gets.

The Petitfour is dyed on Playful, a 100% Merino wool yarn with quite a bit of twist. It’s a heavy fingering weight. And this colorway is very intense, even a bit dark on playful, so it probably should be a fairly simple pattern. Not stockinette – I can’t stand to knit plain stockinette socks no matter what. But I can do ribbing, and there are some really nice rib variants around. That’s where I’ll head first on that one. Playful will work in any season (maybe not high summer, for Meg, though I wear my wool socks even when it’s 95 degrees in the shade), so this one may be up next. But my mind is not made up.

I do have a sample to knit, in Angst, a colorway that it will be lovely to have around again. The tube-like swatches I knit are really quite like socks except they don’t have to fit and there’s only one to knit. I may work on that in my mental sock-spot next. And by the time that’s done (since I’m not neglecting Waterlily Pi), I may have the other two colorways to add to the mix. Decisions, decisions!


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2 Responses to Socks – FO and Next up?

  1. Sarah says:

    Your pair of Cherish socks is dead gorgeous and very fitting. I’m sure Meg would love it. If not, trust me, you would have a flock of people waiting in line for them LOL. You have amazing color palette, Anne. I love all your choices in yarn. Whatever you decide for the next pair, it will be fabulicious!

  2. jinann says:

    Those socks are lovely! I’m so impressed with the amount of knitting you manage to get done (actually…I’m envious!) You always have so many wonderful finished objects…and all in such a lovely variety of colors!

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