Random Thoughts

I spend an amazing amount of my time playing with spreadsheets. My job involves a lot of data analysis, and I usually find myself putting together a spreadsheet to perform this analysis. I often find myself color-coding a sheet. I think I’m up to 27 colors on one spreadsheet – a different color for each set of circumstances I’ve found. There’s no doubt that this is work, but it also does feel like play in some ways.

At home, I still find myself heading to Excel for all kinds of things. I need to keep track of my blood pressure – Excel. I want to create a chart for a knitting pattern – Excel with a knitting font. Do I want a list of the sizes of my Ball Jointed Dolls? Information about my exercise? All of these and many more make me open up Excel.

I love being able to sort, do arithmetic, format neatly – organize information in lots of ways. It doesn’t seem to fit with my general lack of organization (I’m glad you can’t see the state of my desk, my bookcase, etc.) but it’s just a fact of life. I read a lot of novels, including many historical novels, with great pleasure, but I frequently find myself feeling very grateful that I live now and not in some romantic past time. This is one of the small reasons why.

And now for something completely different

Here’s a photo from a bit over a year ago, just because I like it:

The Red Zone

The picture reflects quite a long period in my working life where one section of the parking lot, the spot where I still park, was frequently populated by only small red cars. One day I had my camera at work (to take pictures of the pairs of fingerless mitts I was giving to three colleagues, I believe) and I spotted the formation and managed to record it for posterity. Glad I got the chance!

I also find it amusing that the building next door to ours never has any red cars at it. It’s an FBI office, and all the cars are black, white or gray. Maybe an occasional dark blue. But never red!


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One Response to Random Thoughts

  1. Meg says:

    So glad you got this capture! I didn’t realize (after all our years of chatting on the subject) that you had photographed this excellent phenomenon! Working next door to the FBI has to have *some* perks!

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