Travel Knitting

When I finished the Cherish socks, I thought about getting started on something else. Then I thought a little more and realized that I have to leave on a business trip on Sunday. This Sunday. I haven’t had to travel for some time, but I do this time. And really I’m not sure my shawl is ideal travel knitting. (Not sure I won’t take it, mind you.)

I decided first to work on another swatch for Meg that I’ve had the yarn for for a while. Not sure I won’t be done with that before I leave. Here’s where it stands now.

Angst in Twin Rib

This is an old colorway that’s being “rebooted” – which means that Meg is working out the right dyes to use with her new set of dyes. Angst is an old favorite of mine – I’m really glad to see it again. I went with a simple rib from Barbara Walker’s second treasury for this one.

The real travel knitting that I’m counting on is a new pair of socks. These are for Meg out of one of her second month’s club colorways, Petit-Four. I picked another rib (Sailor’s Rib) from Barbara Walker and swatched. I liked how it came out. So I started. Of course I totally forgot that I had planned to make the next pair of socks toe up. Here’s how far I am:

Petit-Four Sock Start - not very toe-up

I showed it to my husband and he said, “Hmm, so this is a cuff?” I must have seemed surprised / struck by the comment because he wanted to know if he had said something smart. Well, it did show me what I was doing, which I had totally not noticed. But for me, for travel knitting, I may have to stick with top down. That’s the kind of sock that I can knit without paying any attention. And it’s not as though I don’t have other socks to knit! Maybe the next pair will be toe up. I haven’t found the heel that I really love for toe-up socks yet, nor the toe that I absolutely love for top-down. Maybe I’ll just explore alternative toes unless I finish the first sock before I get home. Somehow, I don’t think that too likely. I usually don’t get all that much knitting done on business trips – too tired, I guess. We’ll see!


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3 Responses to Travel Knitting

  1. Meg says:

    oh my. Angst was due. I love that colorway knit up! Thanks!
    Barbara Walker is so awesome. Toe up or not.

  2. Ohhhhh…..I LOVE the “Angst” color way! It’s gorgeous!

    The rib you’re using is intriguing as well – I need to start branching out on my cuffs – I typically stick with a 2×2 or 1×3 rib.

    • I’ve been missing Angst – glad it will be available again. Good to hear that you like it too. I love experimenting with different rib stitches. The rhythm is there just as with regular ribbing, but there is more interest. Nothing is as stretchy as the standard 1×1 or 2×2 though. But most of these stitches are stretchy enough for many purposes.

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