Getting Ready for My Trip – Technology Time

I’m trying to get ready for the first business trip I’ve been on for a few years. The chief thing I’ve done is to go out and buy an iPhone. Previously, I’ve had no cell phone at all. I am now set up with a phone that does a whole lot of stuff. My daughter and her husband have had iPhones for some months now and love them dearly. One of my brothers has had his since they first came out, and swears by it. Franklin and I have been trying to decide whether to join in for some time and now – we have them! I had the phone number for my boss, so I sent him a text to let him know that I was now connected. We’re both on the trip but are on different flights and need to join at the end, so connectivity will be a comfort.

So now I have my phone. I’m also downloading several more books for my Kindle. And of course I’m packing my newly-started sock. I still haven’t decided about my Waterlily Pi shawl. And I guess maybe I should take some clothes and stuff like that too – but I have my priorities straight.

So I’ll be back late Thursday. My next post should be on Friday. Because I’m not taking a laptop, so I won’t be able to post while gone.

Serena borrows the iPhone

I must admit that even after seeing my family’s iPhones, I’m amazed at how tiny it is when I’m actually using it myself. It’s so small, I thought I’d see if my largest doll wouldn’t like to borrow it …

See you in a few days!


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6 Responses to Getting Ready for My Trip – Technology Time

  1. Sarah says:

    My teen has hers and loves it. One rule I impose she puts it away when she is in our company, family time. I refuse to get one as my friends and relatives are constantly texting even when companies are around. I really do think it’s rude.

    Your doll is gorgeous. I love dolls and have quite a collection before uprooting to Oregon a few years ago.

    Have a wonderful trip, Anne. I look forward to your road-knitting candies next week 😀

    • Sarah, I really enjoyed my trip to Oregon. Spring was so much further advanced there!

      I was glad to have the phone with me. I used it to keep in touch with my husband and daughter back home and also for scheduling purposes on the trip and the like. It was useful.

      Glad you like dolls. I will probably be including them in some posts from time to time.

  2. sophanne says:

    If you’ve got knitting, the iphone, and the kindle, who needs clothes.

    I have an itouch- (iphone without the phone) and my favorite thing lately to do is download old radio shows (if you search “relic radio” in the itunes application under podcasts you can find them) Half hour show from the 1940’s make the drive so much easier.

    Also if you don’t mind how short the pages are, there is a “kindle” app from Amazon for your iphone that will pick up all of your kindle purchases and put them on the iphone. I use it when I want to read at night and husband is sleeping- I don’t need to keep the light on!

  3. --Deb says:

    I don’t have an iPhone (my whole family is on Verizon, so it’s just not an option), and haven’t sprung for a “smart phone” package yet … An extra $40 a month just seems like ah awful lot for something I wouldn’t use that much. Yet, it seems so, so cool …

    • I really did not want to get any kind of fancy phone – I don’t like talking on the phone and hated the idea of being constantly available. However, I did want to stay in touch during my trip. And I’ve been enjoying this phone so much! I love having games available all the time and I am amazed at how convenient texting is.

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