Back Home – Hurrah!

I had an interesting and enjoyable trip to Portland, OR. There were three aspects to the trip that I’d like to mention here.

My boss Larry (who was also on the trip) and I both belong to the same “brand” of gym here in Michigan – Snap Fitness (though our home gyms are in different towns) – and this is a national chain. Larry is back into exercise after about a year off and is very enthusiastic, so he checked and found that there was a gym just a mile and a half from our hotel. So we planned to exercise while we were gone. He was hoping to exercise 4 times – I didn’t think that would work for me. We did manage to go twice. I feel that was quite enough. And it was very interesting for me. This is the first time I’ve belonged to a gym, and it was useful to see what is different from gym to gym. Our gym is really big on changing your shoes – there are places to leave your street shoes and signs about changing, etc. The gym in Portland had none of this. And the machines in the gym were all a different brand, and the motions felt different, readings were different, etc. I think I have a slightly broader perspective now. And I’m pretty proud of myself for exercising on such a busy trip.

The iPhone Experience
It was really interesting to have the iPhone with me as I moved around the country. I didn’t have time to really get to know it before leaving, but I did learn enough so that it was really worth having. First, I texted Franklin throughout my trips (outbound and back home yesterday) so he would see that all was going well. And I had a good feeling about how easy it would be to let him know if anything did go wrong. That’s probably the major thing that I had been wanting from a cell phone and I really did like it. (Though I hadn’t pictured that all this communication would be via texting. I think I’m really going to like this mode of communication, though I’m not sure I would if I had a bunch of friends that did it. And I did phone Franklin each night as well, which I probably wouldn’t have done if I’d been dependent on the phone in my hotel room and a calling card. I really hate placing a call that requires the entry of about 20 digits to complete it. Touching a number already in your phone is a lot better! So I think this phone is going to be with me for a while and that I’m going to use it quite a bit. I even took a few (rather bad) photos with it. That will require some work, but it is great to have a camera with you all the time.

As usual, I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done during my trip. Between my Kindle and my iPhone, I had plenty to keep me busy in my hotel room, so I knit very little there or on the plane. However, I did knit while I was talking – this trip was for me to tell a group of people who are rewriting the system I’ve been working on since 1998 for the web all about the system. So I talked steadily for three days and while that was going on, I got some knitting done. The first two days, I worked on my Petit-four sock. Here’s how it looks now:

Petit-four in Playful 2

I had some discussions about my knitting with the “muggles” I was working with. I’ll devote a post to those, probably tomorrow.


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One Response to Back Home – Hurrah!

  1. Sarah says:

    I was thinking that you will be home today. Welcome back, Anne. It sound like a productive trip. We have a Snap Fitness here too and it’s pretty much like one in Portland. I wish people would change shoes when working out as I like to work out barefoot 😀

    The sock looks great. I love the colorway…but then there isn’t a color choice of yours I don’t like. I have decided to leave Helleborus as is for now and add sleeves later in the fall. I do like it (not love it–no fault of the designer!) Most of all, I love the design element and a few tricks to be applied in future raglan sweaters. It’s a wonderful project. Thank you for your cheers, Anne. I am glad to see you on cyberspace again.

    Happy Spring!

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