My Grandkids Can Act!

Last night we went to the opening night of Charlotte’s Web as produced by the Mason Youth Theater. (There are four performances in all.) My granddaughter Hazel is 8, in second grade, and a delightful munchkin, with a real talent for acting. Here is a picture from last year’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in which Hazel was an Oompa-Loompa.

Hazel and Fellow Oompa-Loompas

Hazel is the little one in front. She’s grown some in the past year, but is still quite small. Last night, she was Fern, the farmer’s daughter who first befriends Wilbur (the Terrific, Radiant, Humble Pig). It’s a major role. She was dressed in 50s farm style, with pigtails and a pretty lavendar dress, short white socks and black shoes. And she did her usual convincing job. She is great at getting into character. She has been in theater for four years now and has been a standout from the start. As always, we were very proud of her.

My grandson Tobias, is 14 now. (I am trying to train myself to use the name Tobias – he’s been Toby up till quite recently and you know how hard it is to make a switch like that!) He joined theater after Hazel did; I think about a year later. He thought he’d enjoy it, and indeed he has. Last year, he was Grandpa Joe, a fairly major part, and looked like this:

Tobias as Grandpa Joe

He’s the large one on the right. And he’s grown to about six feet now, and towers over most of the cast.

Last night, he was Lurvy, the hired farm hand. And he brought the house down. In the scene where they go to the county fair, he was handed a sign (“Zuckerman’s Famous Pig”) to put up. Well, that was turned into a very funny performance that had the audience laughing like crazy. And it was very largely Tobias doing that. I was awfully proud of him.

I really felt as though my grandchildren are something special – probably the first grandmother ever to feel that way, right? At any rate, it’s great to have grandchildren you can feel proud of as well as love. They live three blocks away, so we see a lot of them. It’s one of the real blessings of my life at this time!

Small Amount of Knitting Content
Yesterday I finished the Angst tube swatch and got through the gusset, a bit more than half way down the foot of the first Petit-Four Sock. Here is the swatch:

Completed Angst Swatch

I still want to describe my knitting experiences in Portland, but that will have to wait till tomorrow, as I couldn’t resist bragging about my grandkids today.


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2 Responses to My Grandkids Can Act!

  1. Sarah says:

    A true blessing indeed. We moved to Oregon 5 years ago so our kids can spend more quality time with their grandparents. My inlaws retired 3 years ago and their lives are busier than ever. We actually see less of them now than we lived in California…go figure. Tobias is very handsome 😀

    • It’s great that you are near some grandparents even if you don’t see them constantly. Nice to hear that some people do manage to stay busy after retirement.

      Tobias is getting better looking all the time. And, of course, being nearly 6 feet tall is no harm with the girls! He isn’t dating yet, but likely it won’t be too long.

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