I’m not convinced that I’m really suffering from startitis, but looking at my project list on Ravelry is getting a bit worrisome. At any rate, I had to pause on the Petit-Four sock because I think it’s probably too big – I suspect I need to decrease more at the gusset. I’ll get Meg to try it on soon and then go back to it. But I wanted to have a sock to work on, so I started the sock using the first month’s Spirit of Adventure colorway, Frenzy, which Meg put on Shiny for herself. Shiny is a nice blend of wool, tencel and nylon that is excellent for spring / summer / fall socks.

As a starting point, I decided to look at the Barbara Walker Second Treasury to see what looked good. (I recently had spiral binding added to my copy and I find I’ve used it a lot more since.) I picked one of the patterns I’ve admired for years and chose a pattern called German Herringbone Rib. It’s one of several stitches contributed by Hildegard M. Eisner of Alden, Pennsylvania. I’ve noticed that I really like several stitch patterns that she contributed. Although Barbara Walker gets a fair amount of attention, I’ve never seen Ms. Eisner mentioned. I thought I’d like to just say that I appreciate the stitches she contributed. Here’s what the start of my new sock looks like:

Herringbone Frenzy

Looking through the Second Treasury, I note that Austrian Block Pattern is another of Hildegard Eisner’s contributions. Here’s a sock I made with it:

Tree Socks Flat

Very classic and sophisticated.


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