Incremental Progress

And most of my progress is forward.

I’m currently actively working on three projects. First, is my Herringbone Frenzy pair. There are a couple more stripes than last time I showed it here. Also, this shot shows it “modeled”. I only recently discovered the talents of water bottles as sock models for the early stages of a top-down sock.

Frenzy Sock in German Herringbone Rib

The German Herringbone Rib Sock in Petit-Four is almost back to where it was when I frogged about an inch and a half to make the foot smaller. I do have repeated problems with making socks too large for Meg, but at least I usually catch them earlier these days. I’ve now made the gusset longer to narrow the foot more. And there was enough sun to allow me to get a picture that shows the texture somewhat better.

Petit-four Sock in the Sun

The project I’m really enjoying, however, is my Waterlily Almost-Pi Shawl. The yarn feels so yummy and the colors are so peaceful! And I like the pattern quite a bit. Here’s how it is right now:

Waterlily Shawl on Longer Needle

There is still a fair amount of yarn left, but each row is long now and will get longer if I do the scheduled increase row due up next. There are many things I would/will change if I decide to take it apart and do it again. The snowflake eyelet pattern would look better if the snowflake part was in stockinette rather than garter, I believe. The first row of the diamonds is not quite right. The needles are a bit larger than I now think they should be. And, most important, I’m afraid it’s going to be really wide (almost a circle? more than a circle?) and fairly short. But it may be great that way. I’m going to see how this works, probably as far as blocking and then decide whether to frog and re-do. I think I want this design (though possibly slightly modified) in this yarn, though, so if I frog I will indeed do it again. It remains to be seen what will happen!


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2 Responses to Incremental Progress

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s a beautiful lacework/pattern pairing with gorgeous yarn, Anne. I find wet blocking really helps even lace out the way I desire. Look forward to seeing what transpires.

    • Yes, I haven’t been blocking for too long (in the old days, I used mostly acrylic, so you just don’t get in the habit). But I have seen some really amazing things, particularly with lace.

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