Sock Toes

I have a shameful confession to make – I don’t like Kitchener stitch. I wish I did; it’s obviously very useful. I’ve done it several times and never have much trouble with the middle, but I hate the beginning and the end. And I have to concentrate really hard.

So for years, I’ve made almost all my top-down socks with round or star toes (not sure that I have the distinction clear between the two.) Although I like the shape of the version I use, I don’t like the part where you have to run the yarn through the remaining few stitches. There is often a little lump there that I just don’t like. So yesterday I went hunting for some different top-down toes.

I began with Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. She has sections of heels and toes, both toe-up and top-down. There is a quite a variety of heels, and there are actually a few different toe-up toes. But top-down toes? The wedge toe, very Kitchenered, plus star and round toes.

I’m getting quite close to the toe on my first Petit-Four sock and I need to make up my mind where I’m heading. One thing making this a bit more difficult than usual is that at the moment, I have 35 stitches on my instep and just 24 on the sole. So far as I know, wedge toes always need the stitches in two even groups, so there would be some manoeuvring there for sure. The toe I regularly do would work fine – you can come up with one of those for almost any number of stitches, though you may need to decrease a few stitches before you begin. And I definitely do want to do some decreasing on the instep stitches because they are much denser than my sole stitches. I’m considering going down to about a dozen stitches via my regular toe and then Kitchenering the remaining stitches together. Not sure I like the idea, though.

Toe 1

There’s the first toe of my most recently completed pair of socks.

Toe 2

And there’s the second toe. See those nasty lumps?

Anybody got a suggestion for how to improve matters?


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2 Responses to Sock Toes

  1. Sarah says:

    How about taking one row off and pull yarn through? It’s a part of the reason why I am partial to toe-up socks.

    Nonetheless, I love kitchener-stitch to seam–if you have unmatched stitches between instep and sole, can you decrease to match the numbers before seaming?

    • I’m thinking of moving one stitch from each side of the 35 stitch group to the 24 stitch group, leaving me with a difference of only seven stitches. That I think I can delete away pretty readily. But now I need to figure out how many rows of decreases to have, so I know when to start. Hmmm.

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