Shoe Shopping!

One of my Christmas presents to Hazel, my 8-year-old granddaughter, was a trip shopping to buy a pair of boots. Well, we tried really hard to find a pair that she liked, but there was nothing. The trip was a little tiring, and she had come without socks (hard for me to imagine) so we had to hunt up those little footie things. We had some fun, but no luck with boots.

Recently, Hazel decided that it was time to try again. This time, we’d try for shoes rather than boots. So this morning, we headed off. Meg (her Mom) had said that Hazel really prefers quantity to quality, so we should try Target, Kohl’s, etc. We got into the car. Hazel still sits in the back for safety, but this time she had my iPhone and was trying an app I got this morning (Gaia Lite – really fun, maybe my favorite game so far – I’ve bought the full version since getting home). When I asked her where she wanted to go, she said Kohl’s, so that’s where we went. She tried on two pairs of shoes and liked them both. As best I could tell, they fit. Here they are:

This time she came with socks - one white and one brown.

These are summer shoes, for sure, but at the moment, we both believe that summer is going to come! I hope she doesn’t give her Mom trouble wanting to wear them, without socks, no doubt, when it’s still in the 30s in the morning. We had a good time. It’s lovely to have Hazel and Tobias nearby and actively happy to come visit us.


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