The Sock Drawers

I’ve several times seen a shot of a sock-knitter’s drawer than I really enjoyed looking at. Most of our socks are clean at the moment, so I decided to see what I could come up with.

I’ve been knitting socks for Franklin for some time. Several pairs have died, a few are dirty (or on his feet) and there are some others that would not fit in his sock compartment. But here is a photo of what would fit.

Franklin's Socks Mar-10

There are a couple of things I’d like to point out. First, look at all the color in there! My husband is unlike those I so frequently read of who will accept only boring socks. He prefers color, and doesn’t even recoil if one of the colors could be called pink! And he loves interesting patterns. He enjoys his socks a lot and frequently calls the attention of acquaintances, shop clerks – anybody he meets – to the gorgeous socks his wife made him. Other husbands could take lessons here – it is so much more enjoyable to knit for him than for a boring-sock-lover that Franklin has ended up with a lot of socks. And aside from anything else, they do feel good.

Also, look at the three pair in front and the two pair at the sides of the second row. These are five of the pairs that Franklin has out of yarn that Meg dyed. The blue is a “subtle” – Meg’s version of a semi-solid. The front right is Karma, one of her more monochromatic colorways. The second back on the right is a retired colorway with a lot of colors. The one in the center front and the second back on the left are two-color socks, both of which I love – must do more of that.

And here is the equivalent compartment in my drawer.

Anne's Socks Mar-10

I also have several more pairs. In my drawer, the five rightmost pairs at the bottom and the three rightmost at the top are from yarn Meg dyed. Most of them are either retired colorways, yet-to-be-rebooted colorways, club colorways or earlier versions of recently rebooted colorways. I need to knit myself some more pairs of current colorways! (In my spare time.)

I will try to get a picture sometime of the drying process – Franklin’s, Meg’s and my socks are all laundered together, so after each sock laundry-day, there is a truly impressive collection of drying hand-knit socks. Don’t know if I can capture the feel of it, but I want to try. Also, sometime I will try laying out Franklin’s and my socks on our bed so that a bit more of the patterns and colors show up.

Hand-knit socks really are little works of art, and when lots of them are together, you really get a feel for that. I’m really glad I’m a sock knitter!


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2 Responses to The Sock Drawers

  1. Sarah says:

    I see a Monet painting in your impressive sock draw, Anne. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for the lovely, inspiring post.

    I actually sent off the link to my hubby LOL. He is very picky and only cares for dark green (Oregon color) in fine gauge. Knitting a pair of Size 13 socks in that scheme and in endless rows of stockinette in Size 000 needles isn’t where I find enjoyment. He puts a hole to a heavily-felted clogs in first two weeks! No handknit socks will withstand a day of wear by my man :0(

    I can’t wait to hear all about your experience with Zentangles. There is a Yahoo group where amazing masterpieces are created and shared everyday.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I really did enjoy rearranging the drawers for photography and actually it’s easier to tell what socks are available this way, so I might keep mine like this.

      I know how lucky I am to have a husband who will wear bright socks! I think they’re pretty rare. Of course, being retired helps a bit, but he wouldn’t have hesitated even when he was working, I’m sure. He once got in trouble at IBM for wearing socks that were too colorful.

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