Updating the Twisted Fiber Art Gallery

Part of my vacation work this week involves updating the Gallery at Meg’s site – . It’s amazingly fun to look at the projects made with Meg’s yarn. There are lots, and I love finding more to add. I’ve had fun setting up the Project Ideas, too, with projects grouped by yarn, colorway, skein design (self-striping, subtles and evolutions) and type of project.

One of the things I find fascinating is the selection of designs for Meg’s luxurious yarn Muse. This yarn is a fingering-weight silk/merino blend that I love to knit with. There are a total of ten finished projects on Ravelry in Muse, and of these five are Ishbels. I haven’t made one yet, but Meg has finished knitting (though not yet blocking) one and started on another. And I must say that Ishbel is beautiful in Muse! Here are the four Muse Ishbels in the Gallery, with links to the Ravelry projects:

First is the earliest finished Muse Ishbel, Kyrana’s lovely Netherfield Neck Scarf.

Netherfield is a Mutating Variegate, so it has its own style.

I love Kyrana’s graceful photographs of her luscious Ishbel, and you can see more at Netherfield Neck Scarf.

Next is Jokubiak’s Ishbel.

Jokubiak's Ishbel Twisted Evolution in Blaze

This bright and cheerful specimen can be found at Ishbel Twisted Evolution. Such a lovely version!

Next we have PearlPower’s My Ishbel.

Octarine is a great colorway for Ishbel, I think.

This is another feel to the project, with the colors fitting the lace beautifully. The project is at My Ishbel.

Finally, we have a gorgeous version in Minstrel by Mylenna.

Minstrel makes another great colorway for Ishbel.

To see more on this one, go to Sunset.

I love the different feelings to these Ishbels. I’m impressed with the design, and I think Meg’s yarn fits it extremely well! I’ve enjoyed looking at these and the other projects in Meg’s Gallery.


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2 Responses to Updating the Twisted Fiber Art Gallery

  1. Sarah says:

    I love them all but the last one is perfect for spring and summer…but then we have snowfall again today so…not sure when spring will settle here in the High Desert!

    Meg is so talented! I have put some in my wishlist. So, who knows…(not that I need anymore yarn!) Your skill in showcasing/pairing fibers and projects are exceptional , Anne.

    • Sorry you’re having snow again. I hope we won’t!

      I do think Meg has an unusually acute sense of color and I know she’s clever at getting the patterns she wants in her yarns. Thanks for appreciating my work in using these yarns.

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