Hildegard #1 and Zentangles 1 and 2

Today I finished the first Hildegard sock. I’m really pleased with almost all aspects of it. Here is a finished shot:

Hildegard 1 Side

The stitch pattern and the gusset look even better with an actual finished sock to be included in. However, I decided that I really didn’t want to do the star toe I’ve been using for years because I’ve been getting such lumpy bits when I work my yarn through the remaining stitches. So I went with grafting. And I now remember why I never graft. I am totally rotten at it. I remember that Lucy Neatby has some interesting advice on dealing with grafting, and I am going to look it up and follow it for the next sock I graft. Maybe my Petit-four sock – or maybe I will chicken out and just wait till my second Hildegard. Time will tell.

I have always been fond of doodling. Back in the days before I decided that it was a good idea to knit during meetings, I used to doodle during meetings. Back in the old days when I lived in California, I used to keep some quadrangle paper and colored pens at work to use for meeting doodles. (My brain works better when my hands are occupied – really!) Well, Sarah over at Live and Let Knit … and Craft (in the list of Blogs I Read) showed some Zentangles she had made and I was reminded very strongly of my old doodles. I checked out the website and found lots of fascinating samples and decided I wanted to get in on the act. So I ordered a kit. It came, and I have now created my first two Zentangles:

Zentangles 1

These are far from inspired examples of the genre, but they are helping me get up to speed. So far, I’m following the instructions very exactly. One of these days I shall branch out. For one thing, I will want to add color. But with something like this, as with knitting, I like to feel that I understand the basics before I head off and start inventing things right and left. This is a fun activity and very soothing. (It makes a great thing to do when one of my grandchildren is using my computer, too.)

Thanks, Sarah, for getting me started on this!


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One Response to Hildegard #1 and Zentangles 1 and 2

  1. Sarah says:

    The grafting thing is interesting. I used to hate it for the very same reason you do. But, one day it just clicked, I saw the two pieces as jigsaw puzzles–how the loops need to fit together harmoniously. Now, I happily apply it to most of my seamless projects without a second thought–like breathing, it comes naturally now. Your time will come, Anne. With your logically/mathematic brain, you can do it 😀

    Hildegard is awesome. For some reason, I think of an old friend in Munich, Germany. Not sure why. But, it’s very festive for spring. Beautiful colorwork.

    Your Zentangles are terrific, Anne. A splash of colors will change the effect in a big way so use it sparingly. Simple dabble a small dot of color and see what happens. It’s all about doodling so there will be no harm in playing, experimenting…

    About Birgit Freyer, you can substitute any pattern on your subscription to any shawls you see and like from her collection. I find her website overwhelming. So, most of the time, I browse through projects on Ravelry instead. I am a HUGH fan of her designs. There are two more in my files that I haven’t tackled yet but will over the summer months.

    Happy Easter, Anne.

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