Baby Knitting Coming

One of my team at work is going to have a baby in September. So I’m thinking baby stuff. The parents are Indian and so the baby will have beautiful cafe au lait colored skin. I don’t know whether they’re planning to find out (or have – I can’t keep the time for the ultrasound straight) whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I will (hopefully subtly) find that out before making any definite plans.

I gave Shilpa a pair of fingerless mitts once, and I’m positive that she really liked them (she wore them a lot at work, then took them home and told me that she had worn them more there.) So that makes me more inclined to knit something significant than I otherwise would be. Like possibly a blanket? Or a blanket plus hat and booties? Or … Plus I’d really like to knit something for the 8-year-old older sister. I’ve always thought that it was a really good idea to give older-sibling gifts together with the baby gifts. Not sure what that should be either.

My inclination is (always) to skip the baby colors. First, I don’t much like baby colors and second, Meg really doesn’t like baby colors, so she has almost no yarn in them. But also, I think more vivid colors go better with that skin color. So I’m thinking about what colors I should use if they don’t know the gender. (Yes, I know I should just wait till I know more, but I’m just planning, right?) And there are several colors that either have no blue or pink or have both blue and pink. Either of those kinds should work. And while I was thinking about all this, I somehow started a swatch. I had some Petit-four in Playful left over from the swatch, so I started Frankie Brown’s great Ten Stitch Blanket. Here’s the start of the swatch.

10-stitch blanket in Petit-four Playful

This was so much fun to knit! I think Frankie Brown is a great designer. And I love the variation documented by Smokin’ Hot Needles which creates the ridges when joining the strips together. I probably won’t actually knit a whole blanket in this pattern, because I usually don’t spend much time knitting other people’s patterns. But I may not be able to resist. I find myself thinking – OK, I could use Petit-Four and Sherwood together, maybe with Ankh and Karma as well … Who knows where I’ll actually go, but I must say that I absolutely love this swatch. I hope to go somewhere with this style of knitting at some point, even if not now. (Frankie has circular and triangular variants of this pattern as well. Must try them all!)

I think I’ve managed to put this swatch away for a while and get back to Hildegard the second sock. I’ve got a couple of inches into the second sock, and I do still love this design. More later!


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One Response to Baby Knitting Coming

  1. Sarah says:

    I love ten-stitch in variegated colorways. Meg’s dyed yarns are just perfect for this type of project. Look forward to seeing it grow. For me, I am knitting a baby surprise ensemble for a friend’s little girl in variegated yarns 😀

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