Petit-four First Sock Done

It is fun to complete a sock, even if it’s just a first sock. The Petit-four Sock, like Hildegard, looks an awful lot nicer finished. It inspired me to attempt some slightly artistic photos, of which this is one:

Sock and Flowers

I love the texture on this sock. It is really quite three-dimensional without being uncomfortably so. I think the stitch pattern goes really well with the rich colors of this yarn. Meg’s favorite part of the sock, though, is the Eye of Partridge heel. Some day I really will have to make her a full Eye of Partridge sock – she always raves about that stitch. I think this photo shows it pretty well.

Petit-four sock side

I have been coming along well with the second Hildegard sock. It’s almost to the gusset. I finished the first Petit-four sock last night and have not yet cast on for the second. Must do that – it’s very important for me not to let the first sock sit without the second begun. Will try to do this very shortly. I really want to continue my Waterlily shawl – I think it’s beautiful and it feels good and whenever you’re knitting lace you want to finish it so that you can see what you’ve made! It’s both a plus and a minus of this form of knitting. I’d also really like to play more with the 10-stitch swatch. But what I particularly want to work on is the Hildegard sock. There’s a possibility that I might enter it into the sock contest being run by Elinor of Exercise before Knitting. And to do this, I’d need to get further on that ASAP. We’ll see.


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