Is virtue its own reward? What is virtue anyway? The dictionary comes up with “moral excellence” and “doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.” My own working definition is “doing something I believe to be right but I don’t want to do.” So for me, the prime example I find in myself is exercising. Also working when I really don’t feel like it, which is often but not always. With going to the gym it is always – I always hate the idea of exercising. Today if my husband hadn’t said it was time for us to go (at least he said “Is it time for me to change for the gym?”) I would not have gone. So does it count as virtue that I went? Maybe I was half virtuous? At any rate, I’m back, all sweaty and yucky feeling. I won’t physically feel better tonight because I went, but I do have a sense of having been good. Is that virtue’s own reward?

As far as my knitting goes, I don’t feel virtuous, but I do feel happy. Hildegard #2 is coming along very well. I’ve finished the gusset and am doing the heel turn. This type of heel takes a lot more turning than a regular one. I don’t mind that in the least, of course, as I think turning a heel is a lot of fun (no idea why). I have to do some stitch adjusting once I finish the heel turn, but again I don’t find that a huge nuisance. My Show-Off Stranded pattern has generally speaking the same gusset / heel arrangement, and several people have said it’s a bit baggy. So using the ribbed gusset is an attempt to deal with that. I have hopes for it, all right! And I’m giving options for the gusset to start higher if you have a high arch (as Meg does) or lower for normal to no arch (that would be me). So I think I’m making the most of this gusset design. Hope it works out. Hope someone else ever knits it.

Here’s a closeup of the gusset:

This shows the gusset and the heel pretty well

It will be great to have the pair finished. Then I just have to worry about the sizing and the rewording of the pattern. At any rate, I’m pretty sure Meg is going to enjoy having these socks!


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