Design Thought

Today I couldn’t stand listening to what was on NPR, so I drove in silence. My mind starting doing a list of “What would I like to knit next?” I’ve got lots of socks on the go already, and a shawl that I still like a lot. I’ve knit several “cowls” recently (I think shoulder-warmer would be a better term for mine, but people seem to classify them as cowls these days) so I don’t feel the need for more of them. I have a top started that I will enjoy getting back to, but maybe not just yet. The season doesn’t seem right for hats or gloves (though I may throw in a pair of fingerless gloves or mitts again soon.)

Then I got to thinking about the one design I’m proudest of. This is the pair of socks that I have in the header of my blog. Here is a picture of the complete socks:

Perpendicular Facing

It suddenly occurred to me that this could be used for a vest. Here’s what I’m thinking. I’d like to have an Empire line vest. It would have a horizontally knit button band just going down to the Empire waistline. Then I’d try a vertical stripe going down to a bit below the waist. The current thought on the vertical bands is that they would all have little gussets in them so that the area below the Empire waist would flare out. The horizontally knit bands over the breast area would have the option of becoming wider to provide darts in that area. I’m going to start by knitting one for my favorite model, my 23″ tall BJD Serena. She has served as the model for several garments over time.

I’m down to the toe on my second Hildegard. If I didn’t want to enter them in the big sock contest (just for the exposure) I’d start on the sample top now and see how it works at that scale. But I do want to get both the socks and the pattern finished. This means swatching my alternate pattern stitches for the larger sizes as well as test-knitting the heel turns on the two larger sizes. That’s where I usually get into trouble, and I just don’t want to this time! But it’s Friday night and I almost never knit just one thing at a time, so I probably will start the sample sometime this weekend. I’ll keep you posted!


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A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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