Sizing Socks

Take a look at this mystery object on my foot.

Is this a standard design tool?

I’m trying to work out the sizes for my Hildegard sock pattern. I knew that I wanted to make the large size by using the original stitch pattern, which is a multiple of 15 stitches rather than 13 like my size small sock. But I wasn’t sure how the sizing would really work out, and I definitely wasn’t sure about how the heel turn should be done. So I cast on with the same yarn and needles as my size small, knit two repeats (13 rounds, since you start with round 6) and then did a very fast gusset, increasing every row rather than every second or third row. Then I had enough stitches to turn the heel, which I have now done. I’m to the point of deciding whether or not I want to adjust the number of stitches on the sole (I think so). It’s a really weird looking object, but it does give me some very valuable information. My size large numbers are much more reliable than if I just did the arithmetic. (I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had to revise two patterns when it turned out that the sizing arithmetic was not correct.)

Here is another view of the size large piece next to the size small. It’s not as clear a photo as I’d like (the flash looked awful, so I just went with some wiggle instead) but I think it shows the size relationship fairly well. I think these are pretty good for ladies’ small and large. The large is not big enough for a man.

Large and Small sizes of Hildegard

Oh, and by the way, the second size small sock is finished as well. Here is a shot of the pair.

It's better with two

I’m very pleased with these and glad to have them done. The pattern is coming along pretty well, though it isn’t finished, that’s for sure.


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