Still Designing

In addition to yesterday’s work on the large size of Hildegard, I have been working on the medium size. The small pattern consists of 13 stitches, 11 mostly knit separated by two purls. The large is 15 stitches, 13 mostly knit with, again, two purls between. For a medium size, I started thinking I’d go with the 11 stitch version like the small only separated by three purls. But I didn’t like it. Next I thought I’d go with the 13 stitch version (from the large) separated by just one purl. But I didn’t like that idea either, so I decided to go with the 11 stitch version divided by P1, K1b, P1. And this I like.

Here is a shot of the version I like.

On one of my foot dummies

This is when I ran out of yarn; otherwise I would have kept going a bit farther. In fact, I am continuing with a different color, so it looks a little odd. At any rate, this piece has four vertical repeats before starting the gusset and the gusset is the Medium to Low Arch gusset. So it’s not too different from a real sock except it’s a very short one. It looks loose on the sock dummy, but not violently. It fits me pretty well. I will be checking the stockinette gauge with this yarn and these needles once I have the heel turned. And the appearance is pretty nice, I think. So I really like this pattern in all its sizes. I might even consider making a pair for myself.


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A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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One Response to Still Designing

  1. Sarah says:

    Great experiment, Anne. I love K1B stitch to give some ease to knitted fabric. Great pattern work. For me, short ankle socks are wonderful and desirable. I just can’t wear regular socks…too warm to bear even in winter months!

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