Prototype Vest Done – or Close

Well, I completed my second try at the prototype Perpendicular Vest. Now I just have to see what I learned. Here is a view of the front of the vest:

Serena Prototype Perpendicular Flamenco

My very cooperative model is here showing us the way the armhole fits. It’s not bad on the whole, I’d say. Of course, I must now question how much I can read into a prototype knit for a 1/3 size model in yarn that’s not much smaller than what I will use for the human version (should I go on to make one). I do think I can get some ideas. And one of the ideas is that this is quite a vest-like garment. Another is that the proportion of gusset is too large unless the real garment is drapey here. That might be nice, actually. Also, I don’t like the shortened button band effect in this scale – but I still think it might work well for person-sized garments.

Here is the back of the vest:

Serena Prototype Perpendicular Back

This gives a better idea of the overall feel of the pattern. As with most of my designs for the last few years, a major goal is to show off my daughter’s special skills in dyeing. And I think this does that. The gradual shading from color to color with overall stripes is clearer in this kind of pattern than just about anywhere else. Subtle coloration really works well in the narrow strips of this design, and the fact that the colors all work with each other is also very evident.

On the whole, I think this prototype indicates that the design is worth pursuing. If I were to make a doll vest pattern, I’d want to make some changes. Even if I don’t, I may want to add a border to some or all of the edges of this. Maybe even a collar. I don’t guarantee that I won’t go on with this version for Serena or move on to another – I find myself thinking about skirts and shorts to go with this vest. How about a hat? Or a scarf? When I make a doll garment, I really find myself wanting to make an outfit!


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3 Responses to Prototype Vest Done – or Close

  1. Suzanne says:


  2. Sarah says:

    Definitely worth pursuing. I do hope you go on with a full-size vest in those gorgeous colorways. A full matching ensemble sounds wonderful too. Isn’t designing grand…once you start one, you just keep going 😀

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