Yesterday Meg gave me a couple of sample skeins of Evolutions to knit up for her. This is part of switching her listings to a new style where several yarns or rovings are shown in the same picture. Looking at the finished swatches made me think again of how much more color there is in my life now that Meg is a yarn dyer. And lately, there’s even more – her new dyes are more vivid than the old ones. I love color, so it suits me! Plus, of course, there’s the constant fascination with how different the same dyes look on different yarns and rovings.

Here is a swatch of Ember on Playful:

Ember Evolution

And here is a cowl made out of Ember on Muse, one of the yarns that doesn’t take too much color:

Jagged Cowl Profile

And when it comes to color, one of the major issues is that photographing colors is difficult. I for one am not at all good at it. Here are two photos of my other recent swatch, Circle on Duchess. This one gives a pretty good feel for the green:

The green is that vivid all right!

Whereas this one is better for the other colors, particularly the purple:

On my monitor, the purple and blues are pretty accurate

But I sure couldn’t get it all right at the same time! I really should spend some time getting better with photography and particularly with color values, since I have such gorgeous colors to shoot. Here is a shot, fairly accurate, of a very old version of this colorway:

Circle Sock Pattern Detail

It’s not what it used to be. I love the new version!


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One Response to Colors

  1. Sarah says:

    I echo your photograph experience, Anne. When I upgraded to the current digital camera, I was told unless I spend $1000, it would be hard to control the color specification. Like the BSJ I just finished, it’s not as vivid as captured. It’s different when photographing in day or night time, in or outdoor, early morning or at sunset…there are so much to learn, experience in life. I need to figure out how to pack another 24 hours in a day LOL

    Beautiful colors. I love Ember Revolution. But most of all, purple and blue are my love!

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