Revision of Waterlily Pi

I’ve been worrying about the Waterlily Pi for a long time and have stopped knitting on it as a consequence. The thing that worried me the most was the edge. I did my increases all the way across the rows and ended up with a jagged and unattractive “band” in the front. I really didn’t like it. So I frogged the whole thing and started again, this time writing up the pattern as I go.

Here is the edge of the new version, which I think is much better (it’s smoother than this picture shows, actually):

In real life, it's completely straight

Another thing you may notice is that I switched the order so the purple is at the top. It was the easiest way to do it, and when I thought about it, I decided I’d really prefer it that way. So now I’m knitting the part of the ball that I didn’t knit before. The rest of it does not look very crinkly, though. Maybe due to the silk? Or because I’m using such a large needle? Here is an overall view of what I have and the rewound ball:

This was outdoors but with a flash - colors aren't too bad

Another thing that shows clearly in this view is that this is no longer as closely related to a circle shawl. I decided it would be more practical to start a little way into the circle, leaving room for my neck. It seems to make sense, to me. I can’t find many shawls in this shape, though I don’t know why. It wraps very nicely round you. But better, I think, with a more normal neckline. So that’s another change.

Here is a closeup of the pattern.

Showing the stitches

Last time, my first pattern the “Snowflake Eyelet” pattern from Barbara Walker’s second treasury, was pure garter. This time, I aligned it more closely with the other pattern I’m using and have the motif in stockinette on a garter background. Since I started the shawl, I’ve found the second pattern I’m using, which I got from Gathering of Lace, in another pattern. I’ve decided to not worry about it, because it’s the shape that’s original here, plus the combination of two pattern stitches. So far, I’m very happy with my new version.


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