Techno Thoughts

I never can decide where I stand in terms of technology. I’ve been working with computers since 1970, most of my professional work being with mainframes. Not at all long after I started working with them, someone showed me Adventure and I was hooked on it. As soon as I could manage it, I got a PC, starting with an Atari 800. That was in the early 70s sometime. And I’ve been playing around with PCs since then. I get on pretty well with computers.

Now telephones, that’s different. I’ve always found phones very difficult to deal with. It took us a lot of years to graduate to telephones that weren’t attached by cords – wow, advanced to get to those, right? But now, Franklin and I have iPhones. Talk about a giant leap forward! We are neither of us nearly adjusted yet. One of my brothers and my daughter and son-in-law love their iPhones like crazy. I’ve been enjoying games on mine and have found texting to be amazingly useful.

Today, I took my granddaughter clothes shopping. Her mom (Meg) usually does this, but she’s not walking well at the moment due to a knee injury. So Hazel and I went out together. But we got instructions to send a photo of anything we weren’t sure about. I didn’t know how to do it, but Meg told me how (texted, actually) and I did it. And it was very useful indeed! It never would have occurred to me spontaneously, but now I have the concept. So maybe I’ll do it again all on my own.

Here’s evidence:

Hazel trying on clothes

One of my favorite on-line stores, ThinkGeek has a Techie Haiku contest. The most recent winner, Chris from Waldorf, Maryland, came up with this masterpiece:

iPhone addiction
I must overcome. Oh, wait
There’s an App for that.

I’m working my way up to that, myself.


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3 Responses to Techno Thoughts

  1. sophanne says:

    So was it a yay or a nay on the FILA shirt?

  2. Sarah says:

    What a cool way to shop and have a personal fashion consultant readily at your fingertips (heehee). We purposely block our texting feature on all the phones…no texting for us at the moment.

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