First Lost Post

OK, I had written up a pretty nice post about the things I want to knit now and in the future. And somehow I lost it. Full of photos and all …

I see why people create posts like this one now. I could reproduce what I had written quite well, but I just don’t want to. I’m sad to have lost my totally brilliant contribution. It was all done.

So here’s a small post on a related topic: socks (something I always want to be knitting!) Random sock pictures will be thrown in for illustration throughout.

Slinky Stripes Worn Back 1

I’ve seen a Ravelry thread that asked people which of their knitted items they really wore. The group it was in is chiefly focused on complex and elegant sweaters. But when I read through the thread I get the impression that several people find that what they use the most is their hand-knitted socks. I do think that hand-knit socks completely spoil you for commercial socks.

Talon pair back

Of course, I may not have a typical viewpoint: both Franklin and I wear hand knit wool socks every day. Yes, that includes days when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And in my case, it includes wearing wool socks with sandals on days when there is a lot of snow on the ground, quite likely not shoveled. I often arrive at work and have to remove several clumps of snow from my socks before starting my day, and they still feel much better than commercial socks!

Tonks Pair Detail 1

I always have at least one sock on the needles. I am down to just one “active” sock now, but I do want to get back to the knee socks I’m making Meg pretty soon. And I want some waterlily socks!

Big Medium Tiny

I knit socks in lots of sizes.


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2 Responses to First Lost Post

  1. Sarah says:

    If I have such a beautiful collection of socks, I probably would sport them around as much as I can 😀 Beautiful photos, Anne. And, I am so sorry about the post sucked into the infamous Blackhole! I had my share…more than I care to count!

  2. Love the socks. I have a small collection myself…and they’re VERY comfy! I’ve made several pairs of “bed socks” for my mom and she can’t sleep without them!

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