Well, I’m Not Bored

I wish I could knit several things at the same time! Here’s the chief reason for that urge at the moment:

Yarn Collection Apr10

These are the yarns I am currently knitting or want to (or need to) start soon. I’ll be showing you more details of these goodies shortly. They’re mostly from Meg’s yarn club for this year. Two colorways each, three months. I have something in each of the 6 colorways and often more than one. I’ve already knit a pair of socks and a cowl in Cherish and a pair of socks in Frenzy, so I’m done with the first month.

The second month consisted of PetitFour and Waterlily. Here’s the PetitFour I have:

Petitfour Apr 25-10

On the right is one finished sock and one started sock in Playful. It’s my own design, and I really like it. I do want to get those done pretty soon. On the left is a ball of Muse, Meg’s luscious 50% silk / 50% merino heavy fingering weight base yarn. This is the same base and the same amount as my Waterlily Pie shawl. I love the yarn and haven’t decided what to do with it. I might go with another shawl, but Meg says she doesn’t want a shawl in this colorway, and I don’t use shawls as much as I might. I’m not sure what else makes sense out of this yarn.

And here is my Waterlily:

Waterlily Apr 25-10

I haven’t made any progress on my shawl recently, though I really want to work on it! I will get back to it one of these days for sure. I want to see what it’s like when it’s done and blocked. There is also a skein of Waterlily in Kabam, Meg’s bamboo/wool/nylon blend. It’s for socks for me – so I’d love to get started on those! I have lots of thoughts, but no decisions. And if I did, I probably wouldn’t start too soon.

The third month consisted of Marigold and Rendezvous. I have not made anything out of Rendezvous yet, but Meg made herself an Ishbel out of it – here’s Rendezvous:

This photo is Meg's, though not taken by her.

I will be getting two skeins of that colorway for socks for Meg – I don’t know what bases. She says there’s absolutely no hurry on those, though.

Then for Marigold. I will be getting a skein of Arial for socks for me and probably one for more socks for Meg. Probably won’t get to those too soon, either. And I already have possession of two skeins of Marigold in Catnip, another silk/wool blend.

Marigold Apr-25-10

This one is much more shiny than the Muse (e.g. the Waterlily shawl) and considerably thicker. I also think it’s less resilient, so you really have to take that into account when using this yarn. There’s quite a bit in each skein (I’ll have to check on the exact amount) and I think there’s plenty to make a vest. I have now got two swatches. One, in butterfly stitch, I already showed you. The latest is some mitered squares inspired by Jane Slicer-Smith’s Swing Swagger Drape. She has a vest in her signature “swing” shape that I’d love. I think it would be much too long for me, so I’d want to modify the pattern by removing some of the tiers of squares. And I don’t know whether I have enough yarn for it or not. I wonder if I could make it top down, so I could stop when the yarn ran low.

And last, but it won’t be knit last, I have a small collection of balls for samples that Meg needs knit for the redo of product listings on her site. I just got all the unknit ones (and the Evolution swatch, which is in Vintage) on Friday, so I don’t feel slow yet, but it’s something I really do need to work on. Here they are:

Samples Apr-10

The swatch being modeled by the water bottle is Minstrel again. There are a couple in Warlock and one in Terrain that I definitely need to knit. There are a couple I’m not sure about – another Minstrel and another Vintage evolution – I’ll check to make sure they’re needed before I knit those.

So in addition to the swatches, I have the Waterlily shawl and the PetitFour socks that are in progress. And I really, really want to get started on the Marigold – but not until I’ve come with an idea I really like. One of the worst things about knitting mitered squares is that you really do have to cue the yarn fairly frequently. And I don’t want to do that without being sure that’s what I want. So, more thinking!


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3 Responses to Well, I’m Not Bored

  1. Brenda says:

    That is an outstanding coat shown on Jane’s book cover. Thanks for the link.

    • Brenda,

      I’m hoping this will get to you, though I’m not that confident.

      The book has a lot of attractive designs in it. They’re almost all quite large, but I’m tempted to make one none the less. I think a swing shape is good for my body type.

      Thanks again, Anne

  2. Sarah says:

    What a treat and collection of play, Anne! I would be in heaven 😀 Marigold is just breathtaking and will be a stunner in a swagger! I have that in my queue…whenever I get to spin up a variety of yardage.

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