Future Project Potential

For the second day of knit and crochet blog week, the topic is:
Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to.

This was a really interesting topic. Nothing immediately came to mind, but fortunately, there is Ravelry. And I have lots of favorites and lots of items in my queue, and it’s always fun to look at them. Doing that made me think of some other patterns that I’d like to make but don’t just start because I’m afraid I wouldn’t finish them. I have never felt that there’s anything I can’t do (though undoubtedly there are some things!) so I’m concentrating on the question of what I would do. So I made a list of several patterns that I love but which would require real commitment.

Then I looked at my list and thought about them. They are not all challenging in the same way, that’s for sure. One of the items on my list is called Empire Waist Pullover. This one is probably not terribly hard to knit, but I haven’t embarked on a Japanese pattern yet and that is a bit daunting to contemplate. The pattern is charted, but in the Japanese style, so I’d have a lot to learn there. And there’s the sizing issue. It takes a lot of work to resize a complex pattern, as this one is. Maybe someday I’ll tackle this, but probably not really soon.

Another pattern that requires huge commitment is the Koigu Oriental Jacket. There are not many good pictures of this garment around. Here is one borrowed from FoxyKnits.com – I’m not sure whether it’s the original from the pattern or not, but I think so.

Mitered Squares to the Max

This pattern is very definitely a huge undertaking. There have been a lot of them started, but very few indeed have been finished. I somehow doubt that I’d be one of the minority here. And who wants to have another unfinished project lying around?

But there is one pattern that I’d really like to work on but haven’t because it would be a lot of work. I’d like one for myself, but the person who really deserves one is Franklin, my husband, who regularly wears an acrylic cardigan I knit for him shortly after we were married (which is 40 years ago) and which is now in rags. Here is what I’d like to make. The Follow-the-Leader Aran Knitalong cardigan.

This is a pattern that encourages you to design your own, but guides you in making something that will actually fit. The actual knitalong is long over, but the pattern is still available. I’ve heard many very, very good things about it, and I’d love to do it. But it’s a major commitment, and I’m knitting busily on many other things. It also would not be a suitable project to showcase any of my daughter Meg’s fabulous yarns, though there’s probably a subtle – semi-solid – that would work well with it. Perhaps this is something I should start work on gradually and work on it whenever there isn’t anything I really want or need to be working on at the moment. There are some moments like that!

So I’m very grateful to eskimimi for sending my mind in this direction.


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2 Responses to Future Project Potential

  1. Brenda says:

    Interestingly enough, I too found this topic one that caused me to really think.

  2. Sarah says:

    Meg’s yarn will look glorious in the Mitered Square. I’d love to see it done up 😀 The Knit-Alone is classy. Either one would be a fun project…one stitch at a time.

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