A Knitter to Admire

As on the other days of this interesting shared-blogging project, I had a hard time deciding who to mention for this topic.  There are a lot of fantastic knitters out there!  Some of the people who came to mind were designers who knit fantastic examples of their own designs (which some of them then publish and others don’t.)  Others were people who knit others’ designs beautifully and then present them well.  And then one more name came to mind and I knew who I wanted to discuss.

Her name is Annie Maloney, on Ravelry as mzannieknits.  The thing that makes her projects so outstanding is that she uses absolutely gorgeous stitch patterns – of her own design.  There aren’t many people out there who regularly design the stitches themselves and hers are wonderful.  Her range is great, too.  She has cables, lace and texture stitches as well as combinations of these.  She publishes books with these patterns as well as some other wonderful design tips.  Her books are available from several sources, one of which is The Needle Arts Book Shop, which is a great source for many knitting books.  She has a group on Ravelry (Annie Maloney and Friends) in which she is a regular participant.

Here are some of my favorite of her wonderful projects (all photos used with Annie’s permission.)

Spring Cables is a lightweight, shapely vest featuring a gorgeous cable pattern on each side of the button bands and a simple but elegant vertically oriented lace stitch over the rest of the body.  Here is the overall effect:

And here is a closeup of the stitch patterns used:

The Evelyn Aran is knit in Annie’s own handspun.  It uses some gorgeous and intricate cables, as you can see in this view of the garment as a whole.

I notice, though, that Annie is able to exercise moderation and knits the sleeves and a fairly large side panel in a simple texture stitch rather than giving into the temptation to fit evermore cables into the design.  (Her books give advice on topics like this as well as simply containing stitch patterns.)   The back does give the opportunity to add a different cable panel in the center, though:

The Lace Sampler Shell is a delicate garment,  an artistic combination of several different but compatible stitches.

It is knit as five pieces, most in different lace patterns.  Think what fun to knit something like this!  Here are the pieces before assembly and the addition of bands and borders:

Annie’s Black Aran Jacket is a gorgeous double-breasted jacket.  The front has a fairly small cable panel and some useful looking pockets.

The sleeves have a sideways cable band for cuffs and are knit in a gorgeous texture stitch of Annie’s design.

The back has some truly impressive cables and shows off a perfectly shaped collar with a cable in the center.

This is such a gorgeous jacket – I want it!

There are many other creations on Annie’s Ravelry project page that will show you why I consider her to be a superb knitter.  And I cannot recommend her books highly enough.  I use my copies all the time.  I would think that other designers would find them a great resource – your projects are more original when you’re using stitches that aren’t traditional.  Her latest book is called Aran Lace and it contains stitches which include both cables and openwork.  Here’s one of the new stitch patterns:

I can’t wait for my copy of the new book to get here!


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3 Responses to A Knitter to Admire

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh, My. Those are beautiful sweaters. Thanks for this post and the links. I might have to spend a year with Anne once my year with EZ is finished.

  2. Sarah says:

    Ditto…The cable work is amazing. And the lace sampler is to die for. I see a whole playing field expanding ever more. Great call, Anne. I haven’t seen Aran Lace but now in my radar. Thanks for the recommendation.

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