Location – Knit Crochet Blog Week Day 5

Where do I knit?  Various places.  I knit in transit, so long as I’m the passenger and the trip is relatively long (or I’m really eager to make any progress I can on the current project!)

I also fairly regularly knit in restaurants, though usually fairly inconspicuously.  I seldom get any comment on it at all.

I knit quite often at work.  I knit through meetings, including frequently while I’m the one talking.  At the end of a fairly useless meeting I’ve had people say something like “Well, at least you accomplished something!”  The people I work with regularly ask me what I’m making if it isn’t a sock – they can all spot socks in progress pretty readily now.  My boss has on several occasions interrupted what he was saying to comment “Hey, you must have messed up – you’re knitting backwards!”  I have even knit through my last several Annual Reviews.

The vast majority of my knitting, however, is at my desk, where I spend most of my time.  I’m going to be painfully honest here and show you a picture of my desk as it currently stands:

Do you by some chance detect some evidence of knitting?  It’s time to clean up my desk again – but then it’s usually time to and much more rare that I actually do.  My 14-year-old grandson frequently helps me – gets me started, asks what to do with various things and transports those items that belong in other rooms.  It looks awful, but it works pretty well for me.  I tend to switch between projects very frequently, so I just put down one and grab another.  Organized – I’m not.  But things get done!


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A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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One Response to Location – Knit Crochet Blog Week Day 5

  1. Sarah says:

    You crack me up, Anne. Annual review. I wonder what my boss would have said if I did that 😀 Good thing I wasn’t hooked on knitting then? I just can’t portrait it being very receptive at the cut throat environment I was in for twenty years…but then, they could have been what it needed to soften things up 😀 Great work studio…it’s much organized than mine, which often spread all over my bed!

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