A Catnip Blanket

I think I’ve found the right project for my two large skeins of Catnip in Marigold from the last month of the Luxury Yarn Club from Meg.  I’m making myself a lap blanket in mitered squares.  I love how mitered squares work up in self-striping yarn!  It’s dark and rainy here today, so I did not get good pictures, but here is a general view of the two stripes I’ve made so far.

Catnip Blanket 1

I wish you could feel this piece! Catnip is 50/50 silk and merino singles with a great sheen and it feels fantastic. Here is a closeup to give a better idea of the texture. The shot was very blurry and my attempts to rescue it in Photoshop Elements has led to it looking pretty weird …

Catnip Blanket Closeup 1

Hopefully I will be able to get better photos soon. This may tempt me to keep knitting – I sure do love the idea of a blanket out of this yarn!


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8 Responses to A Catnip Blanket

  1. Sarah says:

    Silk and merino–my favorite combo! I wish I can reach out and touch it too. It’s gorgeous, Anne. I love the subtle changes and how one blends right into the other. Great decision on the lap blanket for yourself. I have a mitered sweater in my queue for sometime and would like to stay on it soon. Your project is inspiring that I may just do that after Tappan Zee. Thanks for the motivating eye-candy treat, Anne!

  2. Brenda says:

    OMG. That is gorgeous. I love the colour range.

  3. Laurie says:

    I love the colors, and the pattern is just perfect for showing them off. Beautiful work!

  4. maggie bell says:

    I have just found your blog while looking for a blanket pattern. Your catnip blanket looks beautiful and I would like to know where I can buy the pattern for the technique . Can anyone help me please?

    • This is my favorite kind of mitered square. In this case, I did the following:

      Cast on 29 stitches.
      Row 1: (WS) Slip 1 purlwise, knit 13, P1, knit 13, P1.
      Row 2: (RS) Slip 1 purlwise, knit 12, Slip 2 together, K1, pass two slipped stitches over (S2K1PSO), knit 12, P1.
      Row 3: Slip 1 purlwise, purl to end.
      Row 4: Slip 1 purlwise, knit 11, S2K1PSO, knit 11, P1.
      Row 5: Slip 1 purlwise, knit 11, P1, knit 11, P1.
      Row 6: Slip 1 purlwise, knit 10, S2K1PSO, knit 10, P1.
      Keep going until you get down to 3 stitches remaining and work them together.
      Leave the one remaining stitch on the needle, pick up 14 more stitches, cast on 14 stitches and start your next square.

      • Beverly P says:

        I have just discovered modular knitting, and I dearly love this square – the colors are so lovely and look just great! I am using Caron Simply Soft Paints in Spring Brook color – have several different variegated and solids. I do have a question, I am going along nicely and just realized that I may be working the square incorrectly I finished rows 1-6 and then was repeating rows 4-6. Should I be repeating 1-6? I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me and really also Thank You for this super design!


      • I quite see that I was not clear at all with these instructions. It should be rows 3 through 6 that you repeat. You want every other wrong side row to be knit and the others to be purl, so that you have a stockinette background with a garter ridge every fourth row.

        Good luck with your project.

  5. Beverly Philippone says:

    Thank you so much! I actually did “unknit” several rows and startedwith row 3 after looing at the picture. I love the stockinet stitch miter row – another reason I love this pattern!

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