Work is sometimes more tiring than other times – big surprise there, huh?  I am really spoiled with my 30-hour work weeks.  When I need to work a bit longer, it just wears me out.  At least it does when the work requires concentration.

Today I was helping a colleague finish up a document that’s due today.  She had an internal review yesterday and the chief complaint was that it didn’t say enough.  Well those of you who have read several of my blog entries may have got the impression that writing is something I do pretty readily.  So I did.  I spent the day beefing up process descriptions, adding in window descriptions and, to spice things up, matching requirements with description contents to make sure they were all covered.  It doesn’t sound that bad, but it truly wiped me out.

I’m glad to have finished my part of it.  My colleague is truly grateful, and tomorrow I can go back to my own work.  At a slightly less frenetic pace.

Photo Filler

Here’s a picture of a pair of socks that I knit for myself, together with a baby sock.  These were made to demonstrate that Meg can dye yarns in different speeds of striping and that mother / baby socks can be charming when the stripes are in the same proportions.  We were going to make kits of these.  We think of kit ideas all the time and somehow never manage to bring any of them to life.

Sherwood Mother / Baby socks

Maybe sometime we’ll carry through on a kit!  I still like this idea.


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A knitter for many years, I have become increasingly involved with designing knit patterns in recent years. Other interests include my lovi
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2 Responses to Exhausted

  1. Sarah says:

    Kits do well in general. I think you may have a winner here, Anne. Go for it. Hopefully, you can catch up on some rest after tomorrow…the weekend is here.

  2. Brenda says:

    Retired now, Hubby and I often wonder how we did the 8 hour day thing. It’s amazing now, how little it takes to tire us out.

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