Modular Knitting

My Catnip blanket is coming along beautifully.  I’m on the second square of my fifth row.  When I’m not knitting, I frequently put it on my lap – it feels just lovely!  Here’s a shot of its current state to show I am indeed progressing.

Working on this has made me think about the various modular knitting books that I currently own.  I thought it might be interesting to write some mini-reviews of each of them (not all in one post, mind you!)

The first book I’m going to review is the smallest one I own:  Domino Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro – that’s an Amazon link.  I’m glad to see that this is still available.  This book is in a very small format.  I think it’s very nicely organized, though, and a good introduction to the technique.  She starts you off with several different basic squares, some in garter, some in garter ridge (that’s what I’m using for my blanket) and with several color variations.

Then she goes on to a set of potholders that demonstrate a lot of different techniques for modular knitting.  She has one with a single square, one with nine squares and one with sixteen, going in different directions.  She throws in triangles and several forms of strip knitting, some of which are very attractive.  I made a cotton washcloth out of this book (one of the potholder patterns) which is very simple but is quite attractive.  Unfortunately it’s the washcloth I’m currently using, so it doesn’t look as attractive as usual right now, or I’d show you a picture of it.

There are also several patterns for somewhat more complex objects to knit.  There are pillows, throws, rugs, baskets, etc.  There’s a hat that I love, some good-looking vests and ponchos and a shrug that I’ve wanted to make for years, but it’s one size and I’m fairly sure it won’t fit all.

Strips are something that I feel don’t get all the attention they deserve.  Ms. Hoxbro has a few of her potholders that demonstrate different kinds of strips and how to join them.  She also has a rectangular pillow with strips in different stitches, including several cables.  And there’s a shawl knit in strips.

I think this would be a good book to learn modular knitting from.  The explanations are quite clear and the photos are attractive.  The projects are not spectacular, but they have their charms.  And I love her teaching potholders!  She gives practical advice on topics like working in ends and borders that can be used.  It’s a book I am glad I have in my library, but if I had only one modular knitting book, this probably wouldn’t be it.

Knitting Picture of the Day

Here is one of the few modular knitting projects I have completed.

Timothy Vest Side

This is a vest made with strips for my largest doll, Timothy. Somehow he isn’t the model I reach for most of the time, but occasionally he gets something. This was just designed as I went along, but I thought it came out pretty well.

(I just picked up my Catnip blanket from its spot on my lap so I could knit some more, and now I’m freezing! Must get it done.)


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4 Responses to Modular Knitting

  1. Brenda says:

    Again, love the doll.

  2. Sarah says:

    What a progress you’ve made on the catnip, Anne. It’s pleasing to the eyes. I want to reach out and touch those beautiful blocks. Ditto on the review. It’s my first 2nd modular book I bought after one by Iris Schreier (or maybe the other way around???) It’s been so long ago…my aging mind is to foggy to remember which came first 😀

    Totally in love with the striped sample knit on the beautiful model 😀 It’s always nice to stop in for a creativity fix after a long day. Thank you, Anne, for sharing your thoughtful insight.

  3. Laurie says:

    Just added Domino Knitting to my wishlist. I so love the modular knitting!

  4. Gerri Hayden says:

    The catnip blanket is lovely. Could that be framed and used for a wall hanging? Would you share the pattern, if so I would really appreciate its. My email address is


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