Shawl Shapes

It seems to me that shawl shapes are getting more varied all the time.

There have always been a few standard shapes.  One of them, of course, is the stole.  Here’s one I made , starting at the long edge to distribute the colors of Meg’s lovely Evolution skein more gracefully:

Jaunty Stole Draped 1

This shape can be lots of fun to knit, because it is very easy to fit complex patterns into a rectangle. But they aren’t very easy to wear – unless you pin them or work hard at keeping them in place, they slip off.

Another extremely common shape is the triangle. Probably the most common triangular shawl is one shaped with a pair of increases every right-side row. This makes a fairly pointy shawl, which can pose some wearing challenges of its own. I’ve designed a totally simple shawl or scarf pattern that’s a wide, shallow triangle, my Bandito. Here’s the only one I’ve knit so far, which is definitely just a scarf:

Bandito in Lagoon Back

Now, though, there are some more interesting shapes. Stephen West of Westknits has designed several fascinating shapes. Herbivore is one of my favorites, though so far I’ve only made a miniature version:

Grasshopper center on back 1

This has a point in the center back and another point on each side of that, with of course two more points at the front corners. Very graceful and with lots of ways to wear it.

Another one I’ve made is called Daybreak. It has several sections which show best in this blocking shot:

Daybreak 1 blocking

All those sections make this one also quite shallow. It’s one of Meg’s favorite things to wear – she can find lots of ways to wear it. I can’t, I’m afraid.

Then there’s Ishbel. There are many, many of these around. Meg has knit it – here she holds it out so you can see that it’s another shallow triangle:

The Faroese is my favorite, though I’ve only knit one – my Blaze shawl that I’ve shown so many times anyone who has read this blog for long is sick of it, no doubt, but here it is again as an example:

Blaze Shawl Worn Front 1

The shawl I’m currently knitting is more or less circular, though with (I hope) a wedge removed. I’ll hopefully be showing that one sometime soon.

At any rate, it’s a time with a lot of creativity going into shawl patterns. And Meg actually wears one almost every day. So that’s a reason to knit some more. Plus, of course, they’re fun to knit!


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4 Responses to Shawl Shapes

  1. Laurie says:

    All beautiful shawls…but I’m totally in love with the (gottafusswithit) stole. I think it’s the yarn…and the pattern…so beautiful! I have 4 or 5 shawls on the needles right now, silly me…and all a little different.

  2. Lori says:

    Since I only just found your blog thanks to your comment on mine, your blaze shawl is new to me…….and GORGEOUS! I love the pattern and the yarn – off to check ravelry right now.

    • Thanks! I love Faroese shawls since I have such trouble keeping others on. I wore this to work the other day on a very stressful day (unexpectedly) and it just stayed in place and kept me warm all day.

  3. Sarah says:

    Shawls are my proud and joy everyday of the season–very practical to have around (IMHO.) Out of all these lovely shawls, surprisingly, the stole really spoke to me. I can’t wait to see the secret shawl you have hidden from us, Anne 😀

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