Swing Swagger Drape

When in doubt of what to write about (mostly this means I haven’t made much knitting progress lately) I look at my books to see what else I have that might be of interest.  Swing Swagger Drape was written by Jane Slicer-Smith.  It consists of patterns mostly for large garments – jackets and coats are a specialty of hers.

The chapters here are called Simple Intarsia, Miters, Texture and Simply Stunning Intarsia.  The Simple Intarsia patterns fooled me at first into thinking that they were modular.  They’re generally knit in panels, but made in the “standard” pieces – back, fronts and sleeves.   It’s the shaping of the garments that is most distinctive – Ms. Slicer-Smith is well known for “swing” shaping.  Her jackets are quite wide at the bottom. Swagger is her term for a hip-length jacket, A-line is mid-thigh length, and Swing is a coat.  Her patterns are often offered in multiple lengths and with different color variations.   This chapter is mostly what I would call color block designs.  It could be lots of fun to play with color in designing your own version of one of these.

The Miters chapter is lots of fun.  The cover garment, the Harlequin Coat, is a dramatic one for sure.

You can see how many sizes of miters she uses in order to create her swingy shape.  I think it might be fun to knit this or the somewhat similar vest (less swingy).  There’s also a wrap which is a v shape in miters which is fun but I think might be hard to wear gracefully.  Something that looks tremendous fun to knit is another v with miters on the back and one side in large basket stitch, the other in smaller basket stitch, and then a few more miters on each front.  But though it looks like tremendous fun to knit, I’m not sure I’d want to wear it.

The Texture chapter has some beautiful cabled and drop-stitch patterns.   The Greta Swagger design is another that broadens a lot towards the bottom and looks like fun to wear.  It has some very attractive details, but I suspect it would be a bit boring to knit.  There are also some drop-stitch garments that look pretty good.

The Simply Stunning Intarsia projects are what I think of as Australian style patterns – big, dramatic, colorful designs.  Some of the shapes are standard sweaters, but others have the special swagger or drape shapes that this book specializes in.

Following the main chapters are a couple of brief chapters of smaller projects like purses and some really cute hats.

I find in reviewing this that I’m not as enthusiastic as I thought I was about this book (which you no doubt could already tell).  It seems as though most of the projects look as though they’d be fun to knit or to wear but not both.   It’s worth looking at for inspiration from time to time, though.


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One Response to Swing Swagger Drape

  1. Sarah says:

    Great review, Anne. Like you, I was very fascinated by her color work and have been planning/spinning light fingering yarns for the Harlequin A-Line since it was first offered by Knitter’s Magazine way back when. If I were to knit it in worsted weight, I’d attempt the coat length for sure. It’s fun to wear. For now, I pull it out from time to time to simply admire her talents and be inspired 😀

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