East Lansing Art Festival

Today Franklin and I went to the East Lansing Art Festival.  This is a juried show that takes place every year around this time.  It’s one of my favorite art festivals of anywhere we’ve lived.  It’s not huge (around 200 booths) but big enough to have a lot of variety and there is excellent quality.  It’s relaxed and cheerful.  The kind of show where lots of people wear or carry handmade garments or bags; lots of strollers; a wide variety of dogs.  Just plain fun.

I wore my Blaze shawl and got lots of compliments on it.  Both from people selling (mostly fiber artists) and fellow purchasers.  That’s always so much fun!  It’s great to have people who might be interested to wear something handmade for.  That doesn’t happen often to me.  I really should join a knitting group – I’m just not much of a joiner.  (Franklin has joined several things since he retired.  He has people he sees regularly outside the family – I think I need to begin preparing for my change in status, which is planned for January 2012.)

I bought things at three booths.  We will be going back again tomorrow (maybe with Meg, Jeff, Hazel and Toby) and Franklin will do his buying then.  Tomorrow I may take my camera – I tried to get some shots with my iPhone but had no success.  I did take some photos of my purchases once we got home.

I got three pairs of earrings, one at one booth and two at another, and a bowl:

The two pairs of earrings are polymer clay – I always love those.  One pair is black and white, but the other has more color than shows here – the top is indeed green, but the bottom is brown more than gray.  Nice subtle colors.  The earrings on the right are silver and beautifully faceted.  They would be prettier in a video – there is so much change in how they catch the light from moment to moment.

The bowl is in an unusual style.  The inside of the bowl is a fairly typical glaze, but the outside has natural objects worked into it in a way that was described to us and went straight over my head.  Here’s a better view of the outside.

All the artist’s pieces have some things in common, but they truly are one of a kind.  We might end up with something else from there tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure we got at least one thing.  We have a collection of bowls that we have bought one at a time.  When we eat soup or fruit or whatever, we often use the handmade bowls and enjoy them every time.  Art that you actually use for something is really nice to have around!


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3 Responses to East Lansing Art Festival

  1. Sarah says:

    Great fun and terrific purchases, Anne. I make polymer clay jewelry, beads, inches as embellishment, art dolls, etc. –so I really appreciate them at festivals and shows. The bowl is absolutely to-die-for. It would probably one I would acquire for sure. My MIL and I faux painted one of her guest bathrooms with pine needles and leaves. They really made it special…one-of-a-kind 😀 My next fiber show is not until next month and I am very excited about it…like you said, it’s a great place to appreciate other artists’ creations and be appreciated for what you hand-made, worn to the show.

  2. Laurie says:

    Wow, that bowl is amazing! I wonder if the artist will be down here for the Columbus Arts Festival next month? Seems we only make it to that one if my husband’s band is part of the entertainment, then it’s zip in, play, and zip out. Sad, since it’s only about ten minutes away…

    Love the earrings, too, especially the ones in the middle.

  3. Lori says:

    the bowl is amazing!! i love the earrings too (always buy earrings wherever i go, and that’s what i buy as a souvenir on our vacations), but the outside of the bowl is remarkable. i love handmade objects for daily use too – somehow soup and ice cream taste even better. 🙂

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