Finishing My Lace Scarf

This was one of my quicker projects.  I knit until I was almost out of yarn.  I’ll admit that I had a little more orange left and that I decided to stop when the second end was similar in amount of orangeness to the first.

From this picture, you can see the distribution of the colors.  Meg makes it a point not to have her colors machine-like and precise, but there is a rhythm to the color distribution nonetheless.

It seems that all knitted objects are hard to photograph, but scarves are particularly hard for me.  I tried a lot of things, none of which worked terribly well, but here are some more anyway.

This one is a straightforward shot from the front, which has the advantage of showing how my one shawl pin goes very nicely with this scarf:

Here is a shot showing that I have a pair of earrings that really goes with the scarf, too.

Herringbone Lace Scarf Detail 2

And here is one that was taken without flash and before it was really dark, outside. The colors seem fairly accurate to me here.

Herringbone Lace Scarf Full 1

That one shows Annie Maloney’s lovely stitch pattern pretty well, too.  Ah well, it’s a lovely little scarf finished just in time for the really hot weather when I certainly won’t wear it.  But I enjoyed knitting it, anyhow!


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3 Responses to Finishing My Lace Scarf

  1. udontno says:

    Love your scarf, I like the colors.

  2. Sarah says:

    The herringbone stitch is even more beautiful knit up in a scarf and put to use, Anne. I love the outside shot on grass the most. And those earrings are stunning. Did you know you have it to match the scarf? I bet your whole wardrobe is fully coordinated 😀 I have a friend who has every color shawl to go with her tops, pants, shoes, earrings…no joke!

  3. Laurie says:

    You look lovely and so does the scarf! That’s more of that amazing Catnip yarn, isn’t it? I hate photographing scarves, too. There’s gotta be a trick…

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