Comments and Contests

(I hate posts with no photos, so here’s a first shot at adding some photos to a wordy post.)

This is a photo of the three colleagues to whom I gave fingerless mitts one year wearing them.  Fingerless mitts are lots of fun to make – easy, useful, fast.  I need to make more.


There are many different ways of making and replying to comments.   On Flickr, all the comments on a photo show up when you click on the photo, and the custom is to reply to photos by adding additional comments to your own photo.  A key facet of this is that there is a Recent Activity section on the home page, so it’s easy to see what comments have been made, and one of the options (the default) lets you also see any additional comments made to the same photo, so you feel that people mostly will see your replies to their comments.

On Ravelry, any comments that are made on your projects or patterns are sent to you as private messages.  The custom there is for you to reply directly to the commenter via the message system.  This way, replies are almost always seen by commenters, though not by the general public.  Since an awful lot of replies are “Thanks!” or the like, it certainly makes sense to do it this way.

Patricio Kabam socks flat

A Pretty Pair of Socks for a little eye candy

Blog software varies as to how comments are handled.  Some give you the option to sign up for an email when additional comments are made, so if the blogger replies to you on the blog and you have signed up for emails, you will hear.  Some apparently allow the blogger to reply directly to the commenter via email.  WordPress (which is what this blog uses) allows replies to individual comments and groups them together all right, but in order to see the reply, the commenter has to go back to the post where the comment was left.  I don’t usually remember where I left comments, so I tend not to see that kind of reply.  The email address of the person leaving a comment is available to me as blogger, but I don’t know of a way to respond to a comment at that email address.

Sometimes I manage to go to a comment, pull off the email address and start an email going, then copy the text into that email, do any formatting that seems reasonable, add a title (never sure what it should be) and send a response that way.  Sometimes I reply on the blog.  And sometimes I do neither and feel bad about it.

I certainly hope that those of you who frequently leave comments on my blog know how much pleasure that gives me!  Would you find it satisfactory if I just left a reply on my blog?  Or is a reply when there seems to really be something to say OK?  I feel like an ingrate when I don’t acknowledge the comments in any way.  This post does at least make it clear, I hope, that I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment!  I do try to reciprocate and tend to leave comments more frequently on the blogs of those who comment on mine.  Does that count?


This is my 93rd post, which means I’m coming very close to 100.  There seems to be a bit of a tradition in blogland that a contest is a great way of marking a 100th post, so I will be doing that.  My most logical contest prizes are books.  I have a lot of very lightly used books that turned out not to be quite what I wanted, but that someone else would probably like to have.  I also have a second copy of Think Outside the Sox that I got for having a pattern included.  That will probably be the prize in my first contest.  Then perhaps I will start having periodic scheduled contests for the other books I don’t need to keep.  I hope some of you will find this fun!

One more photo that I’m pretty sure I’ve never shown you:

Edith Circle Outfit Front

That was a really fun outfit to make!


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2 Responses to Comments and Contests

  1. Sarah says:

    Personally, if you are going to respond to a person’s comment, it’s best to reply directly. Reason being: if I don’t subscribe to RSS Feed to a particular comment, I won’t know you respond on your blog. Maybe it’s just me…However, if I think the content of my reply is useful to other readers, I would post a reply there as well as sending individual reply to commenter too. I do try to commend on each of cyber friends’ posts because I feel if you take the time to share your thought, you deserve my time to commend. You and I both know how time and energy consuming to do a post–even the wordless ones!

    I did a PIF long time ago and ended up only a local friend responded. My blogs have been my personal reflection venue and I tend to keep it that way often. From time to time, I itch to do some giveaways and then opt out just because I don’t want to BUY my audience. I do however giveaway my collection of books to my local knitting group and my friend’s used bookstore.

    I love the last ensemble, Anne. She is the most fashionable dresser I know–full of envies. I think I’d rather be your doll sometimes 😀 Great composition and knit designs.

  2. Laurie says:

    I used to think fingerless gloves were the dumbest thing…until I had a little yarn left over and decided to make a pair. Now I’m hooked! I have them in every color, even big ones that I slip on over my sleek leather gloves. How did I ever live without them? 🙂

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