Today I again had the pleasure of taking Hazel shopping for clothes.  Meg is even busier than usual at the moment – things that go wrong always seem to come in groups for her, even more than for most people.  Hazel and I always have a good time together.  Meg is definitely the one of us that has the best sense of what is becoming to Hazel (or in fact to any one of us) so I have enjoyed having the ability to send pictures of the clothes being tried on back for instant (ish) consultation.

Today, our primary mission was to get something pretty but not fancy to wear to the end-of-year school party.  Though we also were searching for shorts and tank tops – Hazel has just had a significant growth spurt and needs to get quite a few new clothes.  We ended up buying a dress that it very becoming to Hazel with a matching short-sleeved shrug as well as two pairs of shorts and two tops.  Here is the best picture of the dress we bought.

I so have not mastered the iPhone camera yet!  And it’s really hard to take pictures in such a confined area.  At least in this shot Hazel looks cheerful!

It is a lot of fun having a granddaughter.  Hazel is just finishing second grade.  She’s turning into a real reader – she spends quite a lot of time reading books.  She is currently reading – and really loving – Betsy, Tacy and Tib, book 2 of the Betsy/Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace.  These books were originally published in the 1940s, and I read them in the 50s.  Meg read them in the 80s and loved them as I had.  And now Hazel is reading them.  So satisfying!  Do any of you remember these books?

Although Hazel loves reading, she is not as exclusively oriented around reading as I was.  She has two major non-school interests:  theater and tae-kwon-do.  Her next belt will be black.  She has been an assistant to the teacher in the Little Dragons class for over a year, and the little kids love to have her help them.  She’s a very charismatic individual.  I couldn’t be prouder of her, and it’s always fun to have a little expedition with just the two of us.  Having your grandchildren live nearby is one of the great pleasures in life!

I hope your weekend is being pleasant too!


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6 Responses to Hazel

  1. Sarah says:

    You two did great on the dress. Hazel looks lovely in it. It’s truly a blessing/luxury to have family nearby and build the relationship you have with your grandchildren. We moved to Oregon so our kids may see more of their grandparents (my husband’s side). Sadly, my in-laws are busier than ever since FIL retired three years ago. We saw them more when we lived in California. How we wish…

  2. Laurie says:

    Beautiful dress!

  3. Brenda says:

    Hazel looks lovely. Both of you are lucky to have each other to shop with.

  4. Meg says:

    Hazel here: I’m really glad you all like my dress and I’m super excited to wear it on Friday! I’m really excited to go out with Granny! It really awesome that I get to walk to her house every Monday and Thursday. I already finished Betsy, Tacy and Tib. And Betsy and Tacy go over the Big Hill, and Betsy, Tacy go Downtown. I’m excited about starting the next one! And I’m on the second Laura Ingahals book, Little House on the Prairie.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hope you had a great time at the party last night, Hazel. You remind so much of my 11 year-old daughter…so full of life. She also loves to read…a log of Japanese graphic novels, fantasy fictions, and chick-lit genre. One of her earlier favorite was Laura Ingalls’ books–thus she also enjoyed watching the TV series. Both of my parents did not have the luxury to be educated. So growing up, my brothers and I didn’t live in books–classic or otherwise. Our childhoods are such a contrast from yours and my children’s. I daydreamed/fantasized often what childhood I would love to have if I could wind back the clock! Yours was every bit what I heart, Hazel. Embrace yours and live life to the fullest.

    You’re just so COOL to enjoy your time with grandma and value her opinion to shop for clothes regularly. I’ve never have the opportunity to know my grandparents. One lived to 99 spent her lifetime in China. I vaguely recalled being in my mother’s arm to visit my grandma when I was 2–with help from mom’s story. It’s such a special gift to have connection and be with your grandparents, Hazel.

  6. Laurie says:

    Hi, Hazel!!! Love your party dress! You know you have a very cool grandma. 🙂 I hope you had a great time at your party!

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