Knitting Books and Doll Accessories

Thinking about offering my extra copy of Think Outside the Sox on this blog has made me consider which other books I might want to give away.  Some of the knitting books I own are extremely precious to me and I would never give them up (e.g. stitch dictionaries).  But there are some that looked cool when I got them but I really don’t use and never will – but someone else might love them.

This makes me think:  what am I looking for in a knitting book?  What do I – and what don’t I – want to see?  Most knitting books concentrate on patterns, and most of what I knit is from my own patterns (or made up as I go along with no pattern involved).  But quite a few of my patterns and my patternless pieces are inspired by other designs.  So I like books that give me inspiration.

I find that Fair Isle oriented books are mostly excellent to have.  They often contain small (or not so small) collections of fair isle patterns, usually including some quite small ones that I can use for my own designs.  And often there are beret patterns, or maybe gloves, that I am tempted to actually knit.  Don’t think I ever have, though.

Books of patterns for accessories usually give me ideas or have things I think I might knit.  The books that I’m least inspired by are those that are all or almost all sweaters with simple architecture that I don’t think I’d ever knit.  Many of these are chiefly intarsia designs.  I seem to have bought a lot of books of intarsia over the years, and I really don’t seem to enjoy that form of knitting much any more.  When it comes to actually deciding to get rid of books – I don’t know how many I’ll really be able to let go.  I just like knitting books!

Doll Outfit Updates

Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time knitting a pair of armwarmers and a shawl to go with the dress I knit day before yesterday.  So I have to show pictures (you don’t have to look, though, if dolls don’t appeal to you.)

Memorial Day Princess-Look

In the shot above, Abby is wearing her armwarmers showing the pattern stitch that matches her dress.  Her shawl is wrapped around her and tied in the back – it reminds me of the tops of sleeves in medieval outfits.  This photo, taken without flash, has a delicate and mysterious appearance that I love.

Memorial Day Wrapped UpHere, Abby is wearing her shawl wrapped for warmth and has turned her armwarmers so that the corrugated ribbing side is out.  When I knit doll accessories (and often main pieces too) I try to come up with something that can give different looks worn in different ways.

Memorial Day Pixie-Look

In this shot, the triangle of the shawl is in front , the shawl is tied round the waist, and her armwarmers are shown one in each direction.  I think she looks very mischievous in this shot!  I wish I had made the shawl just a little bit bigger so it tied better.

The shawl is my Bandito pattern (Ravelry link).  This is a pattern that I created to be a very shallow triangle (you can see that the point doesn’t come down very far though the shawl is wide enough to be tied around her waist.)  I decided to do double moss stitch and to increase at each end of every row.  After a while I noticed that the directions for every row were exactly the same after the first row!  I’m sort of disappointed that more people haven’t knit it – talk about a good project for TV watching!


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2 Responses to Knitting Books and Doll Accessories

  1. Sarah says:

    I am with you on collecting knitting/crafting books. I may not knit exact project(s) but I sure get ideas engraved in my head. Over time, they all pay out.

    Now, that is one classy, mysterious Abby around town, Anne!!!! She is beautifully accessorized. The pictures took my breath away. So, are you going to knit her a pair of socks and shoes?

  2. Laurie says:

    Abby is just way too beautiful in her new knitwear – she looks like a princess who should be living in a grand gothic castle.

    I have cut way back on my buying of knitting books. I usually check them out at the library first and “preview” them. This is not the case with stitch dictionaries, which I don’t think we can ever get enough of. 🙂

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