An Unpleasant Experience

This morning my daughter Meg and I set off for breakfast.  We have been eating breakfast together, usually at a restaurant, once a week since just before her 14-year old son was born.  We used to do it on Saturdays, but since I started not working on Wednesdays, we’ve switched our breakfast to then.  It’s usually a nice, relaxing experience.

Today, we were in my car, with Meg driving.  Neither of us likes to drive, but Meg also dislikes having me drive, so she almost always drives when we’re together.  She had loaned her car to her one employee, whose car was in the shop.  We were driving along, still fairly near home, when there was a sudden horrible crash on the windshield.  I said “What was that?”  and Meg said “A deer.”  I never saw the deer at all, for which I am grateful.  But the windshield was completely smashed.  Meg was able to pull the car to the side of the road and stop.  We both shook for a while and then called our husbands on our iPhones.

Meg’s husband was at work, and mine was still asleep.  It took him a few minutes to get up and get to us.  We gratefully went home with him, each to our house, and took immediate showers.  The most notable thing is that the safety glass from the windshield was everywhere.  Did you ever have a shower for which the chief purpose was to wash the glass out of your hair?  It’s bizarre.  As best we can see, the windshield is all that’s damaged, though the inside of the car is coated with glass.  My darling husband has been on the phone ever since, dealing with the sheriff’s department, the insurance people, the rental car place (one day minimum paid for by insurance), I don’t know who all.  Bless his heart!

So I’m a bit shaky and Meg a bit more so.  I have a swollen spot on my forehead (we theorize that the rear-view mirror hit me) and we both have several little cuts here and there, but really I don’t think we came out of it badly.  Makes you feel strange, though!


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4 Responses to An Unpleasant Experience

  1. fridica says:

    Glad to hear you’re alright! I grew up in the country and sadly a wild animal or simply a dog off the leash dashing across the road at an unexpected moment wasn’t that uncommon. The worst my dad got was a broken bumper, luckily. Still, even on those occasions it’s also mixed up with the feeling of sadness that you, inadvertently, injured an animal. But obviously there isn’t much you could have done! Good luck recovering from the shock and enjoy the care of your husband 🙂 Maybe some knitting could help too to get your nerves back into their normal state 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    Part of the challenge for us sharing our active lives here in woody part of the country with nature’s critters…you never know what will pop in front of you on the road. We see road kills often. Last summer, a deer was hit right in the entrance to our golf course community. It’s a hit-n-run. No one did anything about it for a couple of days. Hubby and I decided to move the poor thing out of the road and called Humane Society.

    I am so thankful for you and Meg for coming out alive, Anne. The aftershock must be hard and hopefully both of you will bounce out of the trauma soon. Speedy recovery from the swells too.

  3. Laurie says:

    Oh, gosh! So glad you are both okay! Deer can do a lot of damage to people, too! I hit one once…actually more like it tap danced across the hood of my car. I’d seen it and slowed way down just in case it decided to try to cross the road (which it did). Tried to leap my car, came down on the hood, leaped again and kept going. I had to have the hood replaced, but luckily, none of the “workin’ parts” of the car were damaged, so I was able to drive home.

  4. Brenda says:

    Thank goodness you are both OK. Deer are a common problem here in rural Ontario as well. They can do a lot of damage.

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